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  1. I think Page and Plant referenced the material having to be very good, for them ever to be a band again.
  2. Flo Morrisey and Mathew White, look at what the light did now interesting combo
  3. This band has been standout material on college radio, just stunning. I like the grateful dead treatment of this song here. For a more rock version, with power pouty singing, check out sheryl crows cover.
  4. There is a current taco bell song that sounds like the old cheers tv show song...
  5. I have commented on other threads, but i think megadeth has the middle eastern riffs and apocolyptic lyrics market cornered for decades now. Ofcourse they are more than that...bringing that energy to most all their songs and great cover songs. Most recently on the megadeth and metallica albums, i like to hear them revisiting thrash metal while combining this ultra use of the double bass drum pedal, as a total part of riffs and rhythmic parts of totally intense guitar and drum songs that people should be blown away by...great work.
  6. One of the things that always amazed me, was that part of bob segers journey into music, was him playing a "bass ukeleyle"....of all instruments and of paths that he took as a singer and songwriter...
  7. I have a vinyl copy of knebworth from the 80s, nice glossy photo cover of the band in the field. Definitely an audience recording, was always a fun listen except for some major skipping on my records. That being so, i listened more of the good sides (sides that didnt skip) records than my others which were being preserved for their potential thousand dollar value one day. Also, even listened to skipped sides, for certain songs. In the 90s i bought 2 cds with only segments of earls court. I think that was a time in bootlegging where they thought, it was such a limitless or stupid bliss to the market that still....there was no quality control even with compact discs. So, no advice here, only that most material online today has to be very good compared to 80s and 90s.
  8. Kurt Vile
  9. Bob Segers tribute to the eagles at the current kennedy awards, was totally stood out of a tv moment, amongst tons of unforgetful things on tv.
  10. Just my 2cents, listen to alot of different music for awhile....jazz, metal, whatever and when you listen to zep again, all the qualities of led zeppelin will be ever present compared to other bands and other types of music.
  11. I dont know about the "best" but i just listened to an interesting 95 page and plant show, oakland california, 1995, thank you, bring it on home, ramble on, shake my tree, lullaby, no quarter, gallows pole, hurdy gurdy solo, nobodys fault but mine, hey hey what can i do, the song remains the same, since ive been loving you, friends calling to you, down by the seaside, break on through, dazed and confused, four sticks, in the evening, black dog, kashmir
  12. I have been reading that country and hip hop were the only records making any money for years now, in the u.s. Unfortunately this bootleg like poster, ripoff, is seeming like a further decline of rock music. Yet i understand it being treated as a commodity. But seriously, give it the red hot chili peppers said, spiritually....with technology it'll only be free advertisement and will truly set any particular song, free....for listeners to hear. It could be a great opportunity. Like jimmy page did with dominoe in 1999 at live8.
  13. Jimmy used the term, "unleashing new songs" on his website...its about time for something. I think he should do a 20yr anniversary outrider young fans could experience what i did in 1988. I have to say, everyone singing along to stairway out loud or in their own heads and hearing the man himself play it, was phenomenal. Thats if....he even wants to play sth, he could easily tour without it.
  14. I heard the similarities, its interesting. On college radio they often play a song and then play 2 songs that sound similar, like where that song might have come from. With the current wilco single, i hear a big star riff and a t rex vibe combined, which is interesting. I guess good music is all related in a way.
  15. This is a perfect opportunity for jimmy page to launch a small tour of japan, unleashing a few new songs and maybe styling an outrider approach, making fans in japan happy and everyone else on youtube happy.