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  1. I understand the thought...but it would fucking suck.
  2. It was quite amazing how john paul jones went from destroying rock music, to soloing like jimmy page, grooving on keyboards, playing dinosaur rock, destroying rock again and then finish the show with love grooves.
  3. Double vision was a great record.
  4. Yup...definitely
  5. "I am gonna tip this fucking table over....if i dont get french fries."
  6. I agree, but there is zooma, them crooked vultures and even the master at being unheavy....mighty rearranger, PLANT.
  7. Yeah i guess its all being logged and mined, hopefully the zeppelin bootleg stuff still filters. Idk what to say anymore.
  8. Messin with the mekon doo doo a do do walking towards paradise dancing in heaven
  9. I can totally relate to cheering on jimmy page in 1993 with the coverdale page record, i listened to it nonstop along with all the new grunge rock...,which was different and the biggest breath of fresh air for hard rock music, since mtv and the whole 80s. But as the years went on, i lost interest with long term listening, after the page plant era. Yet i still listen to coverdale page every once in awhile and enjoy it. Obviously, it kicks ass sonically....but i listen to the firm, much much more than coverdale page.
  10. I don't know why i cannot get the image of john belushi smashing an acoustic guitar, out of my head. It would be great if robert plant, revisted the sounds of mighty rearranger, if this is his favorite band...yet its been so long since that record, i guess we have to wait for john paul jones to play with, them crooked vultures to hear rock again.
  11. "Why is there no kids menu...all i wanted was a cheeseburger and french fries. I know its a special occasion and a scenic restaurant...but there is gonna be a temper tantrum in about five fucking minutes, if i don't get a cheeseburger."
  12. I guess bill did not sign a privacy clause with page and plant in their contracts......or his handshake did not include that either. Either priming for a book, or bullshit, or two sides to every story.
  13. definitely takes balls to sing on, ice fishing at night and angry angry. Thunderthief would have been a great follow up record to zooma without vocals....!!! Yeah i understand john paul jones was looking at a bit of a boutique solo career compared to plant and page....but why did jpj not see his total strength in his instrumentals? Ok zooma is monster riffs and huge and thunderthief has more intricate playing and styles but still....even angry angry would have been a punk rock song with a jpj bounce to it, without vocals. In fact i think jpj had those sprawling piano pieces and drum breaks to sort of detract from his singing in the title track, thunderthief. Obviously he did not want to make more records after that and my first post was meant to be humorous in a retrospective way. Actually i think john paul jones could make a great record like carlos santana, with guest singers.
  14. Wow. I have only seen the over the hills footage, so cool to see the rest. I guess this was a charity set of music, from what robert plant said. One thing i did notice, was a disconnect between plant and page at times....there also was jimmy page facing michael lee and playing, to the point it almost seemed like band practice for the 98 tour.