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  1. Btw i did not mean to sound rude in previous post...i still make the mistake of thinking in conversation as opposed to typing something on the internet. I think Page and Plant were aware of how unflexible the led zeppelin setlist was by the time they played again in the 90s and how cool was it to hear gallows pole, friends, thank you, four sticks....i think they stretched out on a medley w shake my tree, with the doors song break on through etc ...they had, in the evening, a bit longer like an 80 version except w orchestra and of course the rearranged kashmir, but there was alot of room for more songs without any solo type zep showcase songs. Page even did that on the outrider tour...there was improv on certain things, instrumentals, but it was mostly a scaled back show which left room for custard pie, train kept a rollin, over the hills, tear down the walls on the light side and even a scaled back white summer which was super effective, leaving alot of space for the heavy stuff and instrumentals. Definitely an interesting topic and one can see how slow the bands decision making was over the years, with freeing up the setlist, with such a great catalogue of material to play.
  2. The only song which describes getting painted into a corner and actually says it, is tom petty, jammin me. So especially today, with overwhelming amount of information and or lack of information, considering led zeppelin delving deep into songs like dazed and confused and no quarter, it was great they did that and improvised, like the jazz greats could. Yes, moby dick should have been cut by ten minutes for bootleg sake...but it simply was'nt and john bonham was one of the best drummers ever. Considering 1980, its most interesting that stairway to heaven, white summer, since ive been loving you were not dropped out of the set...but whatever. I think jimmy page and the black crowes in 99 and led zeppelin in 2007 shows what a current streamlined zep catalogue could be live.
  3. Great guitar there, i hope you play at the purple onion in saluda, great place! Pearson falls is also magical...beautiful area, some of the best hiking around the east coast there.
  4. I watched it again...,and over time i appreciate the controlled intensity more and more. Its like a different band...and that it was. They could have had a whole second career and life as artists.
  5. Maybe Plant is waiting for his band to come with the latest unique version of "black dog" that only he likes...
  6. Cheers It was great and i actually find myself listening to more of the 95 shows lately....and going back to the cd single b side of, walking into clarksdale to get my 98fix. I have favored 98 for way too long...theres great live 95shows.
  7. Jimmy said during the promotional interviews......that he now has a "stockpile of material" of his own stuff and that now he is going to focus on that. Retired or not...thank god for the catching up of releasing led zeppelin hard copy material, like every other famous band or artist.
  8. Yup, i think it was only greenpeace that was actually touring with them. Again, cool that jimmy wore that greenpeace shirt, i used to have the same one. Looking back, the 90s really morphed into a cool decade....even it commercially marked some kind of an end for rock music.
  9. Cool that jimmy page was wearing a greenpeace t-shirt at the end of the show. I gotta say that i also get nostalgic looking back at the shows i saw in the 90s.
  10. This sounds much much better than the tape and cd version from decades ago. What an example this is, of a band in total great. I don't think the lyrics can ever be deciphered, or matter...the core of the band is right there to hear.
  11. She has probably been mentioned before here, but for anyone who likes retro, country, rockish...Nikki Lane
  12. I think Page and Plant referenced the material having to be very good, for them ever to be a band again.
  13. Flo Morrisey and Mathew White, look at what the light did now interesting combo
  14. This band has been standout material on college radio, just stunning. I like the grateful dead treatment of this song here. For a more rock version, with power pouty singing, check out sheryl crows cover.
  15. There is a current taco bell song that sounds like the old cheers tv show song...