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  1. New Mystery Soundboard?

    The '75 tour is my favorite, and no doubt the high quality soundboard recordings are a big part of that. So, first of all, I'm thrilled to have this. But, to me, it's not the best of the tour. The performance is excellent, the recording is clear and strong, as usual for this tour, but I would still put the February NYC/Nassau shows ahead of this and also the March Ft. Worth/Dallas shows. This is easily better than the plodding March 17 show and the Vancouver shows. While everything is really good, there wasn't anything that really blew me away. But there are some "bonuses" along the way: The little hint of "White Summer" just before "Kashmir." Wonder if this is when he first had the idea of sliding into "Kashmir" from "WS/BMS". Just as Plant is announcing the addition of "Since I've Been Loving You", Jimmy plays a little "Lemon Song" riff. Love that you can hear him ask what the change in the program is. "I Shot the Sheriff" as part of "Dazed and Confused"? Blows my mind. The one and only time...right? Toward the end of "Whole Lotta Love", Jimmy employs some groovy licks worthy of Motown. The funk is in the house! On "Communication Breakdown," Page uses a tone I have never heard him use before. Is that pedal action? I'm not a guitar head...a tribute to Hendrix perhaps? It made me think of "Crosstown Traffic" for some reason. And...a stellar "No Quarter" and rare SIBLY are always welcome.
  2. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Counting the days...
  3. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Should be showing up any day now, right?
  4. New Mystery Soundboard?

    '75 tour...so excited I left off two letters.
  5. New Mystery Soundboard?

    It felt like we were due for a new SB to surface so I have been checking in regularly to catch the chatter. I'll pretty much take any soundboard, but I am partial to the '75 to and I'm stoked to get the 3-21-75 show. I have an audience of it, but except for the Millard shows don't really bother with any of them. My ears just can't handle most of them.
  6. The Apparent Ignorance of Later Shows

    elKZacha, is "indifference" the word you want, rather than ignorance? I am partial to the '75 tour because of the superior quality of the soundboards, probably, and I just dig the setlist. Earls Court, Dallas, Long Beach, Forum, the New York gigs....spectacular. Especially with '77, the size of the gigs/venues and the length of the set got in the way. Sure, they gave the punters their moneys worth...but there's only so much the human ear can take, right? Clearly the Tour Over Europe shows were designed to get back to basics, as it were, and reestablish the band on a firm footing. One could look at Zurich, Frankfurt, and some scattered gems at other shows with hope for a better future. Pointless to speculate what the band would have sounded like on a U.S. tour in '80 and beyond. There's a quote from Robert circa '77, I think, where in reference to Stairway, he says "there's only so many times you can sing it and mean it" (if I remember right). It can't be easy doing the same thing all the time...or as Plant said at that last EC show, "And sometimes if you play city after city after city, night after night after night, you don't feel as loose and as easy as we feel."
  7. What live song do you skip or endure?

    Always skip: Trampled Underfoot Celebration Day Hot Dog Moby Dick (but I will listen to the banter, generally) '77 noise solo Endure: Rock and Roll The sluggish renditions of Kashmir (some here and there from '77)
  8. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    I get your point...but I would rather listen to the complete show as released in '07 than the partial show originally released in '76.
  9. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    That's how I see it, too. It was finally done right (as right as it could be) in 2007.
  10. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    I've been enjoying the DTS version of HTWWW this week, which prompts this question: If JP is doing a super deluxe of the BBC Sessions, dare we hope for a revisit to HTWWW with the Long Beach AND LA Forum shows in their entirety? Would be very groovy...but it's probably wishful thinking...
  11. As of today, I have finally completed the collection of box sets. Looks nice in the home office! Random thoughts: The book included with Presence was most disappointing. Way too many "Object" photo shoot outtakes and not enough live photos, interviews, shots of Robert's lyric book (entirely omitted; maybe it wasn't available), etc. The book for ITTOD was a bit weak as well.Having said that, the books are great, but I wish they would "say" more, you know? Would have been great to have Percy, Jonesy, and Page include a blurb about their memories recording each album or something insightful like that. "Pod" is really spectacular. When I first heard it, I was impressed, but now I listen to it probably once a week. Being a writer (but not of lyrics!) I feel like taking a crack at what the words might be. Strange, I know.The companion audio largely feels like a missed opportunity, although not knowing what Mr. Page had to work with certainly complicates that view. I'd rate about 40% of it as very good to excellent, another 40% as OK, and 20% as pretty much useless. In other words, I'll probably only listen to about 40% of it on a consistent basis. My out of pocket cost was easily under $200. Strange how the boxes can be dinged even in the shrink wrap and the padded protective box To single out one track, "That's The Way" sounds best in HD. Amazing. Physical Graffiti is the box I think looks best. Love how the tan of the building blends into the box color, and the red on the spine is very nice. Very pleased with the "mini LP" reproduction style used on the CDs.
  12. Companion discs are rubbish

    Now that I finally have all 9 SDBS, I would not say the companion discs are "rubbish" but I would say most of it is underwhelming. ITTOD just arrived today and the companion audio is, for my ears, nearly a waste of time. Aside from "In the Evening" and maybe "Carouselambra," I doubt I'll listen to it again. But the good news is that all the others are better, IMHO. It would be helpful to know what Page had to choose from. I am generally not a big fan of outtakes. Something like "Pod" is an obvious gem, but if a rough mix is only slightly different from what was released, what's the point? I love the lengthy, funky jamming the band did early on "Trampled Underfoot" (the track I have is 19:10). Maybe something like that is riskier than a so-called rough mix, but it would be a lot more fun!
  13. First album: 23581 II: 11982 III: 22623 Fourth: 9110 HOTH: 10508 PG: 9386 Presence: 12889 ITTOD: 1954 Coda: 596
  14. New York 6-14-77 camera?

    Local news getting a little footage?
  15. New Soundboard - March 3, 1975 Fort Worth

    Seems that the sibilance was from the iPhone FM transmitter I use in my car. On second listen with headphones, I didn't encounter any problems. A very good '75 show, but I would rate 3-5 higher and probably 2-28 as well (just mentioning those in "the vicinity"). "No Quarter" is really a good one, as is OTHAFA. On IMTOD, when Jimmy ought to go into the solo, as it were, he holds back. I wonder if that was intentional or a goof. If a goof, it's one worth keeping.