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  1. kirchzep27

    Dragon Telecaster Re-created

    That guitar is so cool, that it makes me wish i learned to play guitar.
  2. kirchzep27

    Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

    I was at 2 of the 3 shows at roseland, same setlist i think, a well rehearsed setlist for a fans dream....as far as led zeppelin setlists went. Never thought those would be the last Page shows. Crazy
  3. kirchzep27

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I think this show was a success on a few levels. But the way they promoted the album and dvd, which thank God they released, so cool....but for them to be going through any lead singer drama stuff, the rock band thing...was not necessary to explain not playing further.
  4. kirchzep27

    Guilty Pleasures

    Well since i just defended dee snider in the twisted sister thread. In the 80s i bought alot of records, john cougar, joan jett, the cars, bruce springsteen and the rolling stones.... All i know is, the cars singer married a super model and then the cars disappeared.
  5. kirchzep27

    Best Live Bass Solo

    That is definitely a memorable bass section for john paul jones...sounds so cool and is signature jpj for his much much later solo records. Also, i think this might have been the bounce back thought for the 1980 whole lotta love improv. I mean the sudden space without jimmy in a live show, with bonham and jones jamming is nice!!!
  6. kirchzep27

    Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister Puts Down Zep

    So, i live on long island and have bought vinyl records since the 1980s. In the 80s with mtv, i bought some twisted sister records and thought they were great in high school. Back in the vinyl record days, it was easy for me to spend money on records... So to buy a billy joel record, twisted sister record, crumbsucker record....all long island artists....before anthrax and beastie boys, was a fun time to try to listen to alot of music. I have to say that alot of twisted sisters sound and vibe is based on led zep, metal and punk. Its simplified or boiled down, but its very cool music...which is mostly nostalgic for me, but i think they are a very good band.
  7. Great response and description of "the rover". I agree, its a mini epic led zep song, employing alot of great stuff, within a rock song. From the intro, to the lyrics and the musical stages it goes through, until the great outro...to me, its been better than stairway to heaven for decades...its got the slink vibe, to the majestic vibe, in such a cool way that its just great...compared to some of the unbelievably great songs.
  8. kirchzep27

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    Also, when robert plant and jimmy page played wearing and tearing @knebworth 1990, that was a great moment for starving zep fans!!!
  9. kirchzep27

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    I can totally relate to playing the first 2 songs loud. I bought coda in the mid 80s along with robert plants, pictures at eleven, both on vinyl obviously, coda was a bargain bin cutout. It was very interesting hearing those 2 records together...favoring and comparing the songs. Initially i lost interest in coda, yet always went to it, to blast we're gonna groove. Being the "mixed tape" that it was, i appreciated coda song by song over time. In later decades, liking walters walk and bonzos montreux, the most.
  10. kirchzep27

    Companion discs are rubbish

    This is a well said, very important point. The companion discs were a huge untold bargain for starving zep fans. Also add the significant sound improvement of the albums and its a win win beyond belief. I bought the new records,cds specifically for the companion discs...and i am totally happy with them.
  11. kirchzep27

    Bonzo Bash, Russia 2015

    I think these bonzo bash shows are great. Whether its metal drummers or unknown drummers, it always is a great show.
  12. kirchzep27

    Tea For One

    Like the alternate version of sibly, i would love to hear one of the alternate takes of tea for one and im gonna crawl. Although the original tea for one, is seamless greatness...
  13. Now we know that "la la" was part the repetoire for band practice, in a way. This is the roadmap though...its what they were going to do with jimmy.
  14. kirchzep27

    Just in case Jimmy needs some more vinyl...

    That was cool to see all those records, it reminded me of being a fan in the 80s. They all look to be in mint condition.