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  1. kirchzep27


    Cheers Mr Bonham, thank you for making every zep song unique and going nuts in concert. God bless
  2. kirchzep27

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    The presence obect was for sale in rick barrett mags since the late 80s...now they are too expensive. Good for those that bought one, a nice little mini investment.
  3. There is a official silver record store day sticker, with a perforated stamp border and a yellow atlantic records sticker, with the song info. I am just gonna look at it and leave it a collectors piece. Just the thought of this release is a very nice thing. Thank you Jimmy
  4. kirchzep27

    Walking Into Clarksdale - Rediscovered

    If jimmy is working on page coverdale now...maybe this record is next, before the firm records. With this record it is a total given...100% that a companion disc would be a complete remaster and bright. hopefully everybody that doesn't like this record, might like it then....haha. Also i think that whiskey from the glass and the window should be added. In regards to walking into clarksdale, as the years have gone by , i hear a joni mitchell riff in shining in the light, a yardbirds spark in, walking into clarksdale and while air guitaring to sons of freedom, hear vibes of lower register willie nelson combined with dick dale. Also, with whiskey from the glass, the drums sound so much like bonzos moby 75 sound effect....so maybe maybe they left it off the record cause of that...
  5. I think we would have heard from them all, but on much lower levels than a hit rock band. maybe more record credits for jpj and some great playing by bonham, but maybe not being recognized for ten years or something. I think page would have formed a band that would have ultimately failed by 1973 same with plant maybe 1970 for him....and with any luck they all might have had lingering sad music careers after that...bar bands, full time jobs etc.
  6. For $25 i got a sealed brand new copy with both record label and record store day labels. Its a nice collectors piece, thanks for the info sharing above.
  7. kirchzep27

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Where the mighty arms of atlas...hold the band from the the earth...1977
  8. kirchzep27

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    Ok man, back in the day via my memory the unplugged shows seemed like a half hour...and i know bron yr aur stomp77 was probably 12 mins so my 20 min fantasy was not accurate. Cheers. Not a big deal.
  9. Thanks for the info above, just bought a copy myself from amazon...its definitely a cool record. Cheers to any of the true fans who picked up a copy on record store day.
  10. kirchzep27

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    Actually i think original mtv unplugged shows were a half hour, i could be totally wrong though. Like the succint led zep 77 acoustic set, it worked better being shorter.
  11. kirchzep27

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    A true acoustic set with john paul jones would be so interesting. Just a 20 min set could be great.
  12. kirchzep27

    In the Evening lyrics

    Oh yeah, i forgot that "whole song"....
  13. kirchzep27

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    I think when there has been one true talent in a band, they are showcased.......or realized as the true talent of that band over time. With led zeppelin, they were all great, until they werent as a band....and then they recovered and tried to maintain.
  14. kirchzep27

    In the Evening lyrics

    "its lonely at the bottom, and its dizzy at the top, but if your standing in the middle, theres no way your gonna stop" Maybe the only advice ever in a led zep song
  15. kirchzep27

    John Paul Jones Snubbed Page & Plant?

    Jpj would have made it much different and probably better. But page and plant in the 90s seemed to be designed for low key records, yet great live shows. After the 98 show i saw, i felt so happy...and expected to be seeing them for atleast a 4 to 5 yr run after that.