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  2. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-ozzy-osbourne-guitarist-gus-g-would-be-happy-and-honored-to-fill-in-for-glenn-tipton-in-judas-priest/
  3. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/blue-murder-previously-unheard-black-hearted-woman-instrumental-jam-from-1988-posted-online/
  4. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/gene-simmonss-sexual-battery-accuser-wants-to-drop-lawsuit/
  5. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/journeys-arnel-pineda-to-attend-grand-opening-party-of-hard-rock-cafe-in-manila/
  6. Way to go bro! I'm impressed by the effort you put into this and can't wait to see what other shows you can splice together.
  7. Great point about the opening of WLL. The parts of WLL that I usually focus on live are the middle sections. The original TSRTS soundtrack has such an amazing funk section (sadly butchered in the 2007 and 2018 releases) leading into a great groove in the theramin section. Just fantastic. And for me, the long "Boogie Mama" jam from about 8:00 - 12:00 in the movie soundtrack is pure Zeppelin magic. It flows organically and has more of a groove feel than the medleys of oldies. I love the medleys, but I love this looser jam more. I hear you about the first part about "I heard my mama and papa talking, that little boy reached the age of 24", etc. That became a bit of a cliche over time, but the jam that follows it is just off the charts. What Page, Jones and Bonham are doing is pure joy and pure genius.
  8. When the first The Firm record came out, a WBCN dj, prolly Charles Laquidara remarked about Jimmy Page having "finger amnesia", a comment he had to walk back due to fan phone calls. When the HTWWW live lp came out the radio folks said it had the same problems as TSRTS. Again fan blitz on phone caused on air walk back. I'm here because im not a normal fan, I am a Zeppelin addict. I reserve the right to be critical, be dissapointed, give praise and generally speak my mind. #Freedom. Ive been riding this bronco a loooong time, and the good times ended just as I became musically conscious.. One summer when the sun was yellow, the sky was blue, and music faces were glowing.
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  10. What I've heard is John Bonham kicked the guy in the family jewels and then jumped back onstage.. No denying he assaulted him, but he didn't almost kill him. Grant and Bindon were later on in the day and more severe..
  11. Last year I bought the no label (aka Lighthouse) DVD "LED ZEPPELIN – KNEBWORTH MASTERS 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION" which - in my opinion - is the best DVD for the 08-04-1979 concert. Below an excerpt from BootLedZ.com "The no label title has improved video quality over the previously mentioned releases, and has minimal problems with pixilation during fast motion. For some reason, they chose to mix the pro video/audio source with an amateur audio source recorded in the audience. The no label title also offers Heartbreaker from a different mix of cameras. The distant camera is used in place of the close cameras in several spots.Wendy's title has poor video quality and the sound often seems to be a little out of sync. Footage from the second night is used during the video gap in WLL.The 8mm 40 second band footage can only be found on the no label title "Knebworth Masters."
  12. Unless I'm mistaken, Bonzo was in on it as well. He was arrested for assault.
  13. Bonzo didn't. Grant & Bindon did. Despite the punishment he's given himself down the years, I wouldn't be so sure. His mother lived into her 90s, so Page has good genes. Same as Keef!
  14. Put your bootleg ears on ( kinda harsh) but Jimmy is on fire.
  15. Fair enough. I think it's always going to be 8/21/71 LA for me--the performance, the recording (Bonham's bass drum sounds like a cannon!), Plant still being able to sing it high.
  16. Whole Lotta Love is a tough call. HTWWW has one of the best beginnings of it ever with how violently Jimmy launches into the riff. TSRTS has one of the best coda sections/finales, again because of the violence of it. As far as everything in between, I would lean towards HTWWW, because for some reason, Boogie Chillen has always been my least favourite part of the medley, so I'm not a fan of how they reduced the medley to only that for the most part for North America '73. Not sure why I've never loved it...love John Lee Hooker's original, usually find their covers to be an improvement, but I always find myself kind of impatiently "getting through it" to get to the rest of the medley. One notable exception is 9/29/71 Osaka, with that amazing little riff they play before launching into it!
  17. For some reason I like it because it gets right to the meat of that Killer jam between Jimmy and Bonzo. Love it! Just the power, yeah the full version on the DVD is killer and other earlier versions but for me that little riff kicked my ass.
  18. Was on YouTube looking for the video concert of Knebworth 79’ found only one old one? I seem to remember when there was a more pro shot videos of the concert then the one I saw. They just filmed the big screen so it was kinda bad.
  19. TSRTS's versions of Dazed, NQ & The Rain Song are certainly worthy nominees for best-ever versions, but I'm not sure how you could call its Black Dog a best-ever version when it isn't even complete (only the version on the Led Zeppelin DVD has the full song)...
  20. Thanks for the link. I'm just going to use the January dates, so I didn't want to include what was potentially a May date during a January gig.
  21. I wouldn't call someone else's opinion hate. Truth, or differing bits of information, is not hateful in the slightest. Just because the facts, theories or information espoused might behold unpleasant information does not make it hateful. When you can take someone's negatives (as realistically every single member in the band has, just like everyone else) and still love them, that is the literal epitome of unconditional love. Many people on here have differing opinions (sometimes negatives) but everyone loves the band in their own way. To erase history and create an echo chamber/ feed back loop is basically asking for everyone to be hooked up to the hive mind/borg. We might as well be biological artificial intelligence at that point with the internet or some other awareness dictating all of our thoughts. At that point we are a programmed slave species. This entire mindset that someone who states something that is either quite possibly or definitely factual but isn't pleasant=hate.... could possibly be the literal end of freedom of thought, expression and ultimately consciousness. Of course not in the realm of a led zeppelin forum, but it does reflect a mindset pervading modern human society internationally. Even if something is totally unrealistic that doesn't mean someone should be silenced. People can discern reality for themselves. Imagine if this mindset was so pervasive when something like cigarettes were still considered healthy by the government and the mainstream scientific/medical establishment? I do agree that some people on here have unrealistic expectations for band members, can be both unnecessarily and overly-negative, can be unconsciously judgmental, can act very entitled and in some instances probably don't even understand the band. But that's their right and it actually makes things interesting. I totally respect what others feel and believe and in regards to something as harmless as a Zep forum, I love seeing other peoples opinions. Do I think certain people on here have some really dumb or ignorant opinions? Of course, but that doesn't make them hateful nor does it make me dread coming on here. It makes it interesting and highlights the infinite expressions of humanity. If something bothers you then maybe you should exert your will over your reflex action of distaste and just learn to laugh it off. Because quite honestly I find some of what people say on here (in regards to certain topics) to be quite funny. People really need to see the humorous side of things more often and stop being so impulsively sensitive. Or you could also just stop reading their comments because no one is forcing you to read through the forum. If you can't hear unpleasant facts, or possibilities about something how do you ever expect to learn the truth about anything? I hope you're not like this when it comes to history or politics. In the realm of led zeppelin it obviously doesn't matter but I'm just stating that it could possibly reflect a mindset that literally can't cope with reality and rationalize it, or in some cases differing bits of information that might expose something unpleasant. Or I should probably say that it's similar to a mindset that many people express. Obviously I don't know you personally so I really don't mean this in an absolute way, I'm just commenting on this particular post. Think of it this way, Led Zeppelin has had such a profoundly positive effect on all of us that we want to feel like we know the members because we've all felt so connected with them through their music. Can that get annoying for the members of the band?At times, Probably, but it comes with such widespread success and I'm sure they wouldn't change the fact that people feel so connected. That's what happens when you create something timeless. So in a way you should really see these things as a positive, because they are reflections of something that is positive which is the music of Led Zeppelin. On the forum people are just responding and innocently discussing information they have heard about the band, as well as opinions about certain performances. Yet Robert, John and Jimmy are seemingly doing just fine living the lives they want to live. I'm sure they couldn't care less about what anyone is saying on here and i'm sure they'd probably find some of it as humorous as I do.
  22. WOW...nice one! "Since I've Been Loving You" - Led Zeppelin
  23. Does this have anything to do with that thing with Grant's son and the security at some '77 show? Or is this entirely different? I've never heard that they "almost murdered" somebody.
  24. Fool in the rain?? I was agreeing with your list until I saw that song. Ooooh my it so Salas and yippee for me. Yeah the drumming is excellent but the song is cheesy)
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