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Worst Album Covers Ever


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The worst album covers ever #1: heavy metal

The first in a continuing series of cover art badness. This week… Metal!

Joe Bosso

What makes an album cover bad? Better yet, what makes one truly terrible?

To paraphrase U.S. Justice Potter Stewart musing on what is 'pornography': "I can't tell you what obscenity is, but I know it when I see it."

And MusicRadar knows a bad album cover when it sees it.

Today, MusicRadar kicks off a series called The Worst Album Covers Ever, with our first installment shining a harsh light on the world of heavy metal.

The songs may rock, the singers may scream, the solos may impressively shred.

But what the hell is happening with these album covers? Oh, and warning - a few of these verge on the NSFW. All of them however verge on the terrible.




More here.

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Shame to see this thread was dead on arrival. Looks like it could be a fun topic.

One album cover I always thought was horrid that I never hear people talk about is The Bee Gees' High Civilization


Where to begin? What is with the clusterfuck of random objects in the sky? I get the concept they were trying to go for here (having symbols of civilization "high" in the sky, hence the title), but who the hell thought this looked good? It's just a random jumble. Why is there a tiny crowd in front of them? Why does one of the people in the crowd have a stop sign on their back? Finally, who did the laughable cut and paste job on the group? It's like they didn't even try!

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The Hipgnosis covers for late 70s bands must be strong candidates for inclusion here. E.g.

Scorpions - Animal Instincts


I mean, seriously.... Spinal Tap was written to ridicule this kind of thing. "What's wrong with being sexy?!"


ETA - for some reason my computer won't let me cut and paste the cover. Perhaps because it's so awful.

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