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Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

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Local News video from Sydney 1972 - with press party


Whole Lotta Love

Rock and Roll

Let's Have a Party (WLL insert)

Press party

Zurich 1980 (No LZ watermark)

Oakland 1977 (Again with no LZ watermark)

Japan 1971 (Again, no LZ mark)

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Yes, I am watching part of it now, it gets out of synch here and there when the official release is on the screen twice.

Here's the single camera clip that I loaded before, but here it is re synched and better quality:

Blocked by WMG on copyright grounds! :(

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Everybody, I am uploading part one of the splitscreen RAH clip, I should have the link up soon, it has We're Gonna Groove/I Can't Quit You Babe. There are a couple of parts throughout this series of videos when the official release is shown twice, to show to better quality shot for that angle as well as the official release, gets out of synch, most noticable during White Summer.

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I thought this was one of the most adorable things...she wants to see Robert Plant!! Enjoy:-)

Led Zeppelin's little fan


OMG she sooo reminds me of myself. How her face lights up when Robert comes on. I'm with you on that girl. Same happens to me!!:wub: ..Next generation of fans for ya!

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Sonny Boy Williamson -- She Was So Dump (1964)


Sonny Boy Williamson -- Don't Send Me No Flowers (1964)


Sonny Boy Williamson (Vocals, Harmonica)

Jimmy Page (Guitar)

Brian Auger (Organ)

Ricky Brown (Bass)

Joe Harriot (Altosax)

Alan Skidmore (Tenorsax)

Mick Waller (Drums)

Recorded: At Pye Studio, London, April 1964

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