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Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

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Great artwork Debs. Love it! Keep a guard over these as they're priceless. Jon is a great artist. Loved you're inclusion of the JPJ piece with Trampled. Which night is this from the EC concerts in '75. Last night possibly on 25th May perhaps?

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As great as these are I hope you didn't drain your bank account to make it happen!

Actually as he is up and coming, not what you think...this is why I tell my friends to get his paintings now. I will never sell mine, enjoy them to much. :D

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I uploaded the first cut (probably the cut that was to be used on the documentry) of the RAH footage. Very incomplete, lower qualiy compared to what's on the DVD, here it is in it's full glory, enjoy! There unreleased footage that was not in the official release here.

Backstage/We're Gonna Groove/I Can't Quit you Babe (cut)

White Summer/ Black Mountain Side


Whole Lotta Love/Communication Breakdown (cut)/Cmon Everybody (part 1)


Cmon Everybody Part 2/Long Tall Sally

Single Camera footage (not part of the cut)


Enjoy! :)

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Thanks Silver Rider for these. Good stuff. During D&C Jim McCarty can't quite do those rolls that Bonzo could do. This help make the song so great in concert. That Fillmore concert of Zep is one of the first shows I had.

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