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Song By Song!

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Ooops, double post..damn board!

Anyway, they're doing NFBM right now!

Courtesy of another board that I'm apparently not allowed to mention or infer...








edit: CUSTARD PIE (apparently this was false info so ignore)

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Many thanks Angi for keeping us posted on the set list :D

No, apparently someone posted false info elsewhere. I'm going to stay out of this now and leave it to you and your much more reliable source.

Thanks for posting!!

My pleasure!!

Now they're doing D&C. Ev's phone keeps making the computer beep. :lol:

BTW...I'm posting this info on RPHP too...that board isn't sticking! :lol:

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Who's got it live..?.those folks at that place named after a popular city in the South.

Yeah, more precisely a hotel. They have a thread much like this one going on. Here is an article from Uncut

Led Zeppelin have finally hit the stage at London’s O2 Arena – coming on at 9pm (GMT).

Opening song was ‘Good Times Bad Times’ , the first song from their first self-titled album, and it's as good a place as any to start - from the band's very beginning. And Led Zep sound as good as the hype surrounding them. Plant’s vocals sound good, Page’s guitar is note perfect and the crowd have gone wild.

The band are playing on a big open stage, with a huge screen behind them projecting the show to the 18, 000 lucky fans in attendance.

No pausing between tracks, the second track is second album track ‘Ramble On’ and the third ‘Black Dog’ from Zeppelin III. The crowd singing back to Robert Plant during the ‘Ah Ah – Ah Ah’ refrain halfway through.

Page plays a massive flourish of a guitar ending and the crowd get even louder, with chants and whistling.

Short pause while the crowd die down and Plant says "Good evening" with a cheeky grimace, before Led Zeppelin start on 'In My Time Of Dying.'

Check back for more from the Led Zeppelin reunion show. Bringing you updates through out the show.

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