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Milan, IT -Vigorelli Velodrome July 5, 1971


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This is the show where police tear-gassed the audience, causing the event to turn into a massive riot. Several people, including members of the band's entourage, were injured, and the stage itself was seemingly destroyed while the band locked up in their dressing room.

I dedicate this show to MissMelanie as she was born on this day. :D


Immigrant Song


Since I've Been Loving You

Black Dog

Dazed and Confused

Whole Lotta Love








Possibly Immigrant Song



Possibly Since I've Been Loving You



Dazed and Confused



Stage demolished


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This is so very cool!!

These photos just crack me up. Don't get me wrong when I say they looked like a pack of dorks at this concert and in these photos.hysterical.gif

What were Led Zeppelin doing the day I was born? Trying to have a kick a@@ concert, only to have it end early as they run for their lives from pepper spray caused by the Italian police creating a riot with the audience.eu.gif

Jimmy, plaid pants? Really?rolleyes.gif You could have dressed up a bit more for this special day.laugh.gif

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Thank you so much, I'm Italian and I'm still angry with those people who changed that concert into a riot... :angry: usually Italians are stupid, when Ian Peace came here with Deep Purple came here in roder to record some songs of "who do you think we are" they stole his cymbals XDD and when Page and Plant came here to sing during the "festival di sanremo" in '98 the had to play in playback... and the announcer said somethink like "thank you Page and Pange" XDDD

Yes, Italians are stupid, definitely. :slapface:

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The band obviously did a press conference during their stay in Milan.

Has there ever been any audio recording found from this or any other press conferences?

( Besides the commonly known NY 70 and Aussie 72,that is).

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I just feel ashamed of my place...I've never been to that damn place, but it's good cause it makes me sad. Look at the pictures and it seems to be at war! That's a shame, obviously they didn't understand it was the biggest occasion of all the times. Please, don't blame me, it couldn't be my fault.

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Jimmy was so upset and angry by this that that's why Led Zep never played Italy again. My aunt and I were actually just talking about this show yesteday. I was showing her Jimmy's book. Thanks for the great pictures.

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A month and a half later in Vancouver, the same thing could easily have happened. There were a few incidents that night, outside of the doors being crashed and stage being torn apart, that could have sparked some real trouble between the crowd and the law. One in particular when a guy managed to get on stage with a big bottle of wine . Robert stopped the handlers from throwing the guy off the stage and proceeded to take a sip out of the bottle while the band played on. The guy graciously climbed off the stage and all was well . It was a wonderful piece of crowd control on the bands part. Robert in particular. No doubt lessons were learned by the Milan experience

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I've never seen the photo of the demolished stage before! Bonzo's kit looks trashed, I'm a drummer myself and I ache looking at that photo :tears:

I've got a few photos from this show I'll have to upload, gimme a few...

EDIT: here they are

post-27574-0-82346600-1431300922_thumb.p post-27574-0-64188200-1431300969_thumb.p

post-27574-0-65261600-1431300981_thumb.p post-27574-0-55604400-1431301000_thumb.p

post-27574-0-13877200-1431301019_thumb.p post-27574-0-02222600-1431301069_thumb.p


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All those people on the scaffolding and all the trouble.... TG Richard & Co DID NOT employ security via the Hells Angels like the Stones did. This gig looks like a nightmare for the band from the get go.

Too many fans, too small of a venue.....

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