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See the Led Zeppelin ‘Houses of the Holy’ Album Cover Child Models All Grown Up

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Ultimate Classic Rock are a bit behind the curve on this. The BBC Radio 4 doc outlined in the above link got there a while back. I imagine it's no longer available because of music rights - though being Radio 4 there wasn't a lot of Zep to be heard in it as I remember.

I heard it by chance and it was an intriguing journey through the people (other than Zep) connected with Stefan Gates' appearance on the album cover.. including his poor mother who was given a grilling about whether this was a dodgy thing to expose one's small boy to .. ( Answer : NO !!)

For most of the programme Stefan Gates appeared to be mildly disturbed by the imagery, claimed never to have heard the album and to be afraid of listening. It ended with a dramatic moment in which someone gave him an ipod while he stood on the Giant's Causeway: he was made to stand there until he'd heard all of HOTH . He sheepishly admitted it was rather nice and not something he should have feared to listen to ..

All a bit ridiculous while at the same time being a FABULOUS idea for a radio programme, and a delight to hear !

I THINK it included a memorable anecdote in which a car pulled up outside London Victoria Station for a fleeting rendezvous with Page and Plant ... so that they could give approval to the proofs ... I may be confusing it with something else. Must be a couple of years since it was broadcast.

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Or Wasp.

I remember the original BBC documentary and yeah, the guy came off a bit barmy. What did he think the music was going to sound like? Seemed a little weird.

The girl seemed to handle it with much more aplomb.

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Thanks for sharing that! Pretty damn interesting. I always thought it was simply a painting with the band members with little bodies or something lol. I know that sounds silly, but doesn't their hair look quite similar to all four band members especially the very 1st one you see being Plant?! Pretty strange guy anyway, I mean who appears on a Led f***ing Zeppelin cover and doesn't listen to the actual music until he's 46 years old?!?! Glad he took the adventure and shared it with everyone though, and definitely his first impression of Houses Of The Holy!

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