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Jimmy Page - Celebration Day // TOKYO


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TOKYO -- When legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page arrives in Japan to promote his new film, Celebration Day, it seems certain he shall be met with a messaianic level of reverence initially cultivated during his first visit to the land of the rising sun in October 1971.

I'm pleased to report the public screenings on Wed & Thu evening at the iconic Toho Cinemas - among dozens of others - have already sold out well in advance.

Perhaps the most poignant image thus far is this one.


Fukushima, Japan

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For godsakes Taro, will you kindly edit your post?

It isn't really necessary to quote Steve's post, including reposting all the photos. As Steve is the OP, we all would know who, what and why you were giving thanks. But it is really annoying that you reposted all of Steve's photos TWICE in your post...that is overkill. Because of that, it took nearly 5 minutes for the page to load and nearly froze my phone.

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Thank you for all of this very heart warming coverage...Great to see Japan so much in love with Jimmy!!, love all of the adoring fans, and SAJ, very touched that Jimmy has yet again graced your favorite CIty!! Congrats and happy for you...

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Japan Travel Guide: Roppongi Hills (No Zeppelin Content)

A popular complex for dining, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment in Tokyo.

Roppongi Hills, opened in 2003, it is a complex of offices, foreign banks, luxury shops and entertainment venues. It is also home to many famous Japanese celebrities who live in these very expensive high-rise buildings. There are lots of open spaces including an open air arena, with free performances.

But for tourists and ex-pats living here, its attractions and activities will keep you amused around the clock. During the day you can visit the Mori Towers Complex. The first six floors have numerous shops and restaurants. Why are you wearing the kimono? She is celebrating Seijin Shiki, it is for girls turning 20 years old. She has come here for shopping.

Known as the international gourmet center of Tokyo, it also has as many Japanese and ethnic restaurants to choose from. The top six floors are home to the Mori Art Museum, showing a wide variety of art and designs from Japan and abroad. But it is the nightlife that makes Roppongi come alive. Most of the bars can be found along Gaien Higashi Street, and the clubs are open until the early hours. You can also take the Roppongi Hills tour if your time is short. This is Yuko showing you Tokyo.

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Thank you Steve for all of this. I love that Jimmy looks so relaxed and happy. This is what Ross says about the trip today.


People remember Jimmy was among the first wave of Western rock stars to tour Japan; the reverence they have for him is truly off the charts! His visit at this time as well as the Celebration Day screenings have brought much happiness & excitement to so many.

As Ross mentioned - and as they've done many times before - he and Jimmy immediately proceeded to the Nishi-Shinjuku bootleg district soonafter flight arrival.


Photo Credit: Steve A. Jones

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The question obviously had a hidden meaning, and I think the answer too was both 1st and 2nd degree (at least that's how I took it, but maybe it was just plain and factual in Jimmy's mind, who knows...)

It's a good question. Suffice to say the mountain-climbing sequence you referred to was filmed behind Boleskine House the night of December 10, 1973, during which there was a partial lunar eclipse. Of course, December 10, 2007 another fusion of magick and music!

Here's some wiki-wisdom:

Page's fantasy role involved climbing up the face of a snow capped mountain... The act was meant to show Page on a quest of self enlightenment, and deep understanding, by seeking out the Hermit, a character featured in many Tarot packs. The mythological Hermit is seen on the summit of the mountain; Staff of Wisdom in one hand, and in the other, the Lantern of Knowledge held out abreast over the world below. Being a Threshold Guardian, he represents an obstacle the seeker must overcome to achieve true enlightenment. At the culmination of Page's quest, he reaches out to touch The Hermit, only to discover paradoxically that the Hermit is himself.

Jimmy Page discussed this further during an interview with 'Guitar World' magazine:

(GW): Well, I find it interesting that you were choosing to represent yourself as a hermit at a time when you were really quite a public figure.

(Page): Well, I was hermetic. I was involved in the hermetic arts, but I wasn’t a recluse. Or maybe I was...The image of the hermit that was used for the [inside cover] art-work on Led Zeppelin IV and in the movie actually has it’s origins in a painting of Christ called The Light of the World by the pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt. The imagery was later transferred to the Waite tarot deck [the most popular tarot deck in use in the English-speaking world]. My segment was supposed to be the aspirant going to the beacon of truth, which is represented by the hermit and his journey toward it. What I was trying to say through the transformation was that enlightenment can be achieved at any point in time; it just depends on when you want to access it. In other words you can always see the truth, but do you recognize it when you see it or do you have to reflect back on it later?

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