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Ted Nugent

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Sathington Willoughby I`ll start this by asking you what`s Georgia like I`ve seen photograph of it. I`ve been to Boston and New York with some of the tourist spots to Vagas/LA.. which other forms of music do you like,

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Ted Negent, hahaha...is that short for Negligent?

right I`ve never listen to Ted, so where would you say I should start to listen to Ted Nugnet

There is only one place to start...and that is with Ted's 1975 album, simply titled "Ted Nugent", with the aforementioned "Stranglehold", "Stormtroopin'", "Snakeskin Cowboys" among the better songs. Features the talents of Derek St. Holmes, without whom Ted would struggle to produce any more worthy songs.


If you like this, then you might enjoy "Free-For-All" or even "Cat Scratch Fever". But for my money, it is best you stick with "Ted Nugent" and "Double Live Gonzo"...that's all the Ted you really need. Well, that and some old Amboy Dukes..."Journey to the Center of Your Mind" is worth a listen.

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:nuke: musicians Ted Negent , having only just gotten into him through this topic. I`d gotten the album " Cat Scratch Fever " great album, its on vinyl so yes its heavy rock `n` roll , I`ve only wishing I`d gotten into him sooner oh are oooooh!!!!!.

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