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suprised hats off... came up so much its sweet. i used to hate the song remains the same but its REALY grown on me. my least favourite song would have to be the crunge. if i listened to led zeppelin chronilogically it would be the first song i would come to that i didnt like.

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Hot Dog. Possibly the worst Led Zeppelin song, followed closely by the Crunge. It is a shame Hot Dog exists, I love In Through the Out Door, it was the first Led Zeppelin album I ever heard.

I think Hot Dog is pretty cool!! I like the country sound to it. Can't really think of any that I don't like right at the moment, but of course as always, there are some I like better than others.

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Some of the songs mentioned are some of my favorites, ex. Hots on for Nowhere.

I also love Hot Dog and Caraselambra.

Tea For One is probably my least favorite. It depresses me. I love any and all Zeppelin songs, Tea For One just depresses me.

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Between all of LZ songs there are always some least favorites like:

  • Custard Pie
  • In My Time Of Dying
  • Night Flight
  • Boogie With Stu
  • Black Country Woman
  • For Your Life
  • Carouselambra
  • Ozone Baby

By order of appearance on the LZ discography.

in my time of dying are you mad or deaf thats an awesum song one of my favourites. night flight is great theres soo much feelin in roberts voice in that song. for your life if sooo groovy black country woman is classic makes me smile evrytime and custard pie is classic zep. u have some serious issues with physical graffiti by the looks of fings

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I think 'The Song Remains the Same' takes the cake. I can't stand the vocals. Would've been an excellent intrumental though.

I know this is your opinion, but jeez, "Song..." ? One of my faves...what's wrong with the vocals? I can always refer you to my pysch if need be...

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Reading this whole thread makes me realize what a diverse group we are! Some songs that have been listed are great (to me) and others, well, not so.

I think Hot Dog should have been replaced with Darlene on ITTOD -much, much better, IMHO...and to all the "Carouselambra" haters out there: At least JPJ stepped up to the plate when it seems others in the band were,well,idk...sleeping? Not Bonzo, though...The middle section of "Carouselambra" is awesome with the Jimmy Page gloom and doom part...the lyrics are excellent in this one...and they are available and understandable (for the most part).

Not a big fan of ITTOD overall. I think "In the Evening" is a total letdown after that awesome, eerie, zeppelinesque opening..."Suaraez" is filler, at best (They left out "Wearing and Tearing" for this?)

"Fool" is ok..."Bonzo's Montreux" shouldv'e been on ITTOD, too!

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its really hard to say i love every zep song and yes the crunge too.but once i heared the song hats off to roy harper i thought it was horrible.compared to the crunge hats off to roy harper sucks.i just cant bear listening to it.another song thats not that good is poor tom.

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I've never had a problem with Hats Off, or the whistle in Fool.....actually I really like the whistle, because it starts off my favorite part of the song.

There are parts of Carouselambra I don't like, and others I do like. Somebody else said they like the slow section- I don't.

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There's only one LZ song I don't like, and that is Hats of to (Roy) Harper. Not saying it's a bad song, I just cannot listen to it.

hats off

black country woman

boggie with stu

four sticks



hats off SUCKS bigtime i really wish they wouldnt have even put it on a dang album.

That song hey hey what can i do got pushed off the album. WHY!?!?!?!? and they kept THIS!?!??!?

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