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The only song I hate and always will is "Hats off to Harper", which I think would have been the common choice.

I used to not like a lot more songs but as the classics get a little too overplayed in your brain, you start to rediscover the nooks and crannies in the Zep ouvre so to speak.

Some songs have really annoying elements in them.

I do think it's hard to accept the cheez factor of the keyboard tone on Carouselambra. The intro notes are particularly painful to listen to because it's so antithetical to the analogue quality of Zep. It's just too mechanical. That and the synth midsection that sounds heavily sequenced. JPJ did much better with synths on All My Love.

Also, the mid drum section of Fool in the Rain is cool except for the fricken whistle.

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There are quite a few that I don't like. I think 'The Song Remains the Same' takes the cake. I can't stand the vocals. Would've been an excellent intrumental though.

Was originally planned as an instrumental.

I do not like Hats off to Roy Harper and Boogie with Stu

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Least favourite songs:

The Crunge (even though it randomly pops into my head now and again)


Hats Off To (Roy) Harper

Battle Of Evermore

Song Remains the Same

Black Country Woman

Candy Store Rock

Royal Orleans



Ozone Baby

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Fool In The Rain

Wearing And Tearing :blink:

Royal Orleans

Hats Off To (Roy) Harper :blink:

Livin Lovin' Maid

Black Country Woman

Out On The Tiles

I really only hate two of those (Roy Harper and Wearing and Tearing), but overall...those seem to be the main ones i skip over or they just don't do anything for me.

Led Zeppelin is still the greatest :D

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This probably isn't going to sit well with everyone but I'm not a big fan of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.... I don't hate it and it's not my least favorite song but I just don't like it all that much. It's a good song I just personally don't like it much.

Other songs that I don't care for are:

Hat's Off (to Roy Harper)

The Crunge

Tea for One

Bonzo's Montreux

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Between all of LZ songs there are always some least favorites like:

  • Custard Pie
  • In My Time Of Dying
  • Night Flight
  • Boogie With Stu
  • Black Country Woman
  • For Your Life
  • Carouselambra
  • Ozone Baby

By order of appearance on the LZ discography.

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I've always felt Zep had the least number of unlikeable songs of any group. There's alot of groups I like that only about 1/2 the songs are worth looking forward to (Cream, for example). But anything with a drum solo is what really turns me off, so sorry, Bonzo - "Moby Dick".

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