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Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert


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Theses pics are great...

The green shirt and curly do' s should go in a museum for clothes and hair styles of the 80's...

I hope the kids who are starting bands now study this site...not just for the changing styles but they need to see how Zep has endured through the years. You can be a rock musician after 40...and still have fans...that luv ya!!!!!

Juliet :D

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I had to look at this one through my fingers ... you know the way you can't bear to look at something but know that you have to?! :ph34r::blink: OMG, how AWFUL is this photo? The '80s have a lot to answer for. Not a good look at all, for either of them. And Jimmy didn't even zip his fly up! :o

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I.... And Jimmy didn't even zip his fly up! :o

Not only that, you can't even see anything interesting.... :(

(Sorry, couldn't resist. :D )

And considering some of the outfits I perpetrated during the 80s, I really shouldn't be making fun of Jimmy's radioactive shirt there... :lol:

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