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What are you watching on TV now?


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I just finished watching the Great Martin Scorsese (and Academy Award nominated) film, "the Wolf of Wall Street". Brilliant directing, film-making, acting, editing, etc...

Of course Martin Scorsese can never do no wrong when He is behind the camera of a film in which He is the director.

I loved the attention to the Sex, Drugs and Greed that permeated this (soon to be Classic) Movie.

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NCAA Championship Game on CBS.

They just showed this weird ass commercial with Gary Busey. Don't ask me what the product was...all I noticed was Gary Busey acting like he was tripping on acid. :blink:

Oh ya,thats for amazon Fire,when he was on The Appretice with Donald trump one of the shows was to design a commercial for amazon Fire,I cannot believe they actually used it!!

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