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What's your favourite live JP bow solo?


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I've always loved the music Jimmy created and developed within the bow section of a LZ concert...Not forgetting RP's contributions also...

These are some of my favorites;

1969 - Texas Pop Festival 8/31/69 (D&C)

1972 - Sydney Showgrounds 2/27/72 (great crowd reaction)

1973 - Fort Worth 5/19/73

I would be interested to know if anyone else has there favorites?? :)

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you are so lucky, i was born in the ninties so the band didn't play much anymore. :slapface:

That doesnt make any sense. I dont believe the thread starter went to any of those shows. We were asking what your favorite jimmy page bow solo is. (As heard from live recordings).

Anyways my answer, though Im not totally sure as though I once favored the bow solo as it was unique/impressive I now dont like it so much. At least the screeching parts, the part where he slaps it and does the point towards the sky as the echo kicks in I love.

Id probably just say Royal Albert Hall (D&C) or TSRTS. But knowing how much I like Texas Pop that could be up there too.

I was hoping this thread said favorite solo, probably an overly discussed topic, but not one Ive been able to discuss on here as they have not been new since Ive been.

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Page did once say after watching the Madison Sq. Garden footage from 73, the bow solo was incredible and he was very proud of it.

Personally, I can't disagree. It's well crafted and worked out. But it's fun listening to earlier versions where he's still messing around with ideas and piecing together themes that would eventually culminate to the 73 versions.

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