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  2. I've heard that d&c MORE than enough times to hear the same solo there. It's the SAME in parts Listen to the Black Dog and tell me it's not the same damn tune
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  4. It's not verbatim "MSG". More proof your hearing is off. The 2007 remaster removed the great "Celebration Day" solo that was on the original TSRTS soundtrack.
  5. Unsubstantiated horseshit! This is what the big leagues looks like: http://thegardentapes.co.uk/tgt.html
  6. Two songs in and this kooky theory is already blown out of the water. "Rock and Roll" and "Celebration Day" aren't even close to the TSRTS soundtrack versions. Mobile '73 is a fine show but it was not used for "TSRTS". I hear all sorts of differences between Mobile and the three MSG shows used for the movie. The "Celebration Day" outro solo in "TSRTS" is a one-of-a-kind solo, never duplicated...not even at the other two MSG shows. Same thing with "No Quarter". I can hear the difference between Mobile and MSG. I don't give a fuck what some Youtuber says. Those algorithms are about as valid as Wikipedia or Facebook. Find another conspiracy theory to sell...we're full up here.
  7. See on YT. It even has used it's algorithms to determine this Black Dog is the TSRTS Black Dog.
  8. Anyone find something we've not seen or heard since the early 90's let us know !
  9. 1hr 16 mins in, yes it's the raw bones of that genius it turnt into
  10. LZFilm or someone needs to put these tracks over TSRTS and I'm damn sure theres some synchronisation. I find it VERY interesting certain shows have SOME parts of the show soundboarded like D&C's solos and the WLL medleys (the only parts of the show you can only do ONCE) like in Hamburg, Vienna and others all of which I hear tiny drops of in the final "MSG" mix, Essen too especially.
  11. Listen to NQ and D&C tell me it's not verbatim "MSG"... Those are just the ones you can get the nuances from, stuff like Black Dog and RnR it sounds EXACTLY the same Celebration Day too, that solo is only doable once and all the intricate parts are here and on the 07 remaster Either Pagey was channelling himself from the future or it's the same fucking show spliced up.
  12. "In The Studio" Unlike its unassuming 1968 debut, Led Zeppelin II was released the following year in October, when record companies put out their blockbusters guaranteed to rack up holiday sales. And unlike the first album, Led Zeppelin II hit American Top 40 radio fifty years ago like a thunderclap. When I heard both Chicago radio powerhouses WLS and WCFL play “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin in Fall 1969, it changed my life and forged the template for hard rock/ heavy metal for half a century. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant join me here In the Studio on Led Zeppelin II‘s fiftieth anniversary to document what had ensued in the year and a half between the first two releases, and to reveal the songs you know by heart including “What Is and What Should Never Be”, “Thank You”, “Heartbreaker/ Living Loving Maid(She’s Just a Woman)”, and “Ramble On”. –Redbeard https://www.inthestudio.net/online-on-demand/led-zeppelin-ii-50th-anniversary-jimmy-page-robert-plant/ "Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II at 50" https://classicrock1011.radio.com/media/audio-channel/led-zeppelin-led-zeppelin-ii-50-segment-1 https://classicrock1011.radio.com/media/audio-channel/led-zeppelin-led-zeppelin-ii-50-segment-2 FLASHBACK THROWBACK - LED ZEPPELIN II https://www.iheartradio.ca/kfun-99-5/audio-video/flashback-throwback-led-zeppelin-ii-week-of-20-oct-19-1.10106909
  13. Whoop! Whoop! It had to be the Ravens pick.
  14. Just thinking of the Dallas tornado and hoping zepscoda, Kingzoso and other Dallas people are okay. Good luck.
  15. It sounded better in the hall than it does on the video.
  16. Thank you, Strider! I am OK. I mean I do enjoy life and my sense of humour remains intact. But there are certain issues that have stemmed from certain incidents that took place during my childhood that I have had to battle and suppress for years. I now decided that enough is enough and that these have to be resolved if I am to live my life in total peace and not let the past negative stuff take over my thoughts.
  17. Whatever works. You always seem okay to me. Best of luck going forward.
  18. Thanks, E! I am so much at peace with myself now that I have taken that first step!
  19. It wasn't a court case. It was an informal meeting in the Rose Street Hall. So the only "court" involved here is the court of public opinion...and Page won.
  20. This thread is absolute gold. Some of you really need to clean out your ears 🤣 Maybe it's just that I've been hearing these songs as long as I can remember, but I don't typically flub lyrics THIS bad...
  21. The Eagles are not a good team. Final numbers will have to wait until after tonight's game but even if the Jets beat the Patriots, this week's winner is far enough ahead to have clinched the week. Congratulations redrum!
  22. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    How did Cleveland beat the Ravens? The Eagles suck even worse than Dallas. 😜 And the Bears are who we thought they were. Drafting Trubisky ranks as one of the worst QB picks in recent history.
  23. I said day one that the Yankees didn't have enough pitching to get over the top in the AL and they didn't. Not pissed, just crazy that we all could see it but ownership didn't. Or at least didn't do anything about it. Cowboys are talented, but injuries - especially to Tyron Smith - will reduce any team to mediocre or worse... Glad we beat that Eagles ass though. 3-0 in the division. Now onto a bye week and time to get healthy, hopefully.
  24. Last round, L.A. - 6/22/77 was eliminated. Round 7. If you'd like to read all about it, here is the post with all the important info and here is the post for this round. The round posts include a detailed tracker of which show goes out when and the remaining shows. If none of that interests you and you'd like to go straight to voting, this is a direct link to the poll.
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