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  1. Thanks, Reggie! :-)

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  4. Wow, that first pic is amazing. Awful to think of beautiful things like all those buildings being destroyed, quite apart from the loss of life. Don't worry, he's been banned (at least in this incarnation).
  5. Well, they'd have trouble re-recording their songs and doing new versions, wouldn't they? And Zep wouldn't find it much easier.
  6. I realize you've never been able to stand the idea of being wrong, but the fact remains that the vast majority of people who live on a floodplain will NOT be flooded, and you're pointing to the very newsworthy exceptions. Earthquakes are clearly a different proposition, which doesn't alter the fact that it's impossible to find anyplace to live where earthquakes can and will never happen, so it's pointless to blame their victims. That's all the arguing with you I plan to do, btw. My best to everyone in NZ.
  7. You can stand by your floodplain remark until you're blue, you'd still be wrong. But the larger point is simply that the people of the South Island deserve support, not finger-pointing for their stupidity, when the finger could just as well be pointed at any one of us.
  8. No, it's not like living on a flood plain, where there are ways to divert water, drainage systems, dams, pumping stations, etc. etc. Many people who live on flood plains have never been flooded. There are very few places in the world where you can be assured of being safe from natural disasters. Bad enough that these people have been hit by an earthquake, without blaming them for living there.
  9. It's not if I say so, Plant said so. He said when doing a gig like that, there was one song that had to be included. Then they played it. It was the only song all night he said was essential. Where does the notion come from that Zeppelin were EVER perfect live? It's no wonder Plant doesn't want to tour again, given the impossible and unrealistic expectations. Personally I think it would be as boring as hell if ANY band played perfectly throughout the show, note for note like the album--where's the risk or excitement in that?--the risk and excitement of improvisation that Zep were alway
  10. Imagine them leaving out the moment when Jimmy produced the bow . . .
  11. If you think the tune is boring, I don't see why you're doing it at all--surely you can find more interesting ways to play music?
  12. Funny how nobody in the audience noticed any "trainwreck" at all. And I can't imagine that show without Dazed and Confused, and neither could they, as Robert said when introducing it. It's Zep live. It'll be on the DVD.
  13. No, he's not right, and neither are you. You must be talking about a different UK to the one I grew up in when the Beatles first hit, belting out Twist and Shout on shows that previously featured lounge singers.
  14. Er, no. Nobody can understand/agree on what he means half the time. Of course, that could be a useful qualification, come to think of it!
  15. I wouldn't characterize those as screams, especially things like Nobody's Fault. And how can a scream be a "beautiful harmony"?
  16. The lyrics for LZIII were written by Plant, except for traditional songs like Shake Em On Down (Hats off To Harper), and it seems unlikely he was writing about Jimmy's love life. Edit: except Tangerine, of course--the only source for such a theory.
  17. It was a one-off. Obviously what Robert said and what Jimmy thought/hoped were two separate things. Enough, already.
  18. And as he knows him that well, why didn't he just discuss it with him? Why did he just "assume"--or "think" he assumed? Knowing as he did that Robert had already said it was a one-off, and that he already had a tour booked for months ahead with Alison Krauss? If you can answer those questions, you'll be a wise man, my son.
  19. I'm not getting into the specifics of this--just pointing out that if you have a phobia against everyone of an entire lifestyle and religion and consider them all to have the same "mindset," despite what must be obvious around you every day in the different kinds of people who identify themselves as Christians in this country despite having radically different "mindsets," then I don't think you've thought about this carefully enough.
  20. And, yet again, all Jimmy could come up with was "I THINK we ASSUMED". That's nothing to base plans for a tour on. Plant's not responsible for Jimmy's assumptions. If they'd actively discussed it, it would be a different matter.
  21. That was a pretty dumb and badly written review (Before you get all up and arms etc.), in which she admitted her own pointless bias at the beginning.
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