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It Might Get Loud ... er!


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It Might Get Loud ... er!

OK, just another pastime, if you were to produce the second part of this movie, what 3 guitar player would you add?

I'd go for 3 different style musicians maybe make it interesting;

Martin Barre

David Gilmour

Tony Iommi

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IMGL had an old master (Jimmy Page), and middle aged guitarist (The Edge), and a younger guitarist (Jack White), who all played differant styles of Rock.

Elder: Eric Clapton

Middle Aged: Dave Mustaine

Younger: Billie Joe Armstrong

This would work really well in my opinion. Clapton is Blues-based while Mustaine is rooted in Thrash Metal, and Armstrong plays mostly. Punk and Alternative

However, this would be if they got 3 differant guitarists together.

What I would LOVE to see would be:

Jimmy Page

Glen Tipton (Judas Priest)

Kirk Hammett or Dave Mustaine or Kerry King or Jeff Hanneman

That would be epic!!!

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When you say "add" do you mean add to Jimmy Page?

If another film of this type was made I would love to see Jimmy Page with Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton.

Any of those three I could listen to for hours and hours talking about musical history and influences.

Well ... yes, I prefer keeping Jimmy all the time! ;) Your suggestion is cool, 3 major guitarists of the same generation !

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I have multiple groups of 3 that I'd like to see.

Lou Reed

Neil Young

Nels Cline

Jimmy Page

Glenn Branca

Kevin Shields

Ry Cooder

Bonnie Raitt

Derek Trucks

Robert Smith

Dave Navarro

Trey Anastasio

Jimmy Page

Thurston Moore

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson

Pat Metheny

Vernon Reid

John Frusciante

Believe me, I've got dozens more in my head.

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I realize this is all hypothetical but I would really like to see:

Joe Perry

Alex Lifeson

Ace Frehley

All three of these Great guitar players have definately cited Mr. Jimmy Page as their main influence(s). Even with Jimmy Page's influence, all three of these guitar players have gone on to make a significant mark with their own styles and have influenced other players along the way.

I think it would be realy cool to watch and listen to Joe, Alex and Ace talk and play in the same format as "It Might Get Loud". As an added bonus, Jimmy makes a surprise appearance and we get to see all of them (Joe, Alex and Ace) heap their praises on the Master. To end it all, there would be a long, extended jam session between the four that lasts for at least 30 minutes.

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