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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Wow so much changed between Tucson and this night. Robert's voice would never be the same. R&R and IS/HB essentially changed places as opener vs encore(s). The acoustic set became an acoustic interlude (this actually started in Tucson). STH was finally moved back in the set list. The diverse medleys now largely followed a pattern. On the other hand MMH, TSRTS and RS were added to the set. The show was bit more streamlined; an occasional 2.5 hrs but no more 3-3.5 (until they returned to America). Every band must move on and Zeppelin were maturing. Even the audience was starkly different from a year prior in Japan and throughout the rest of 72. Perhaps owing to Robert no longer having the voice that could provoke the crowd into hysteria. Plus, they were playing more music that hadn't yet been heard; 5 tracks from HOTH including instrumental Crunge. A new era and new reasons that still made the band great.


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June 21 is the official start of Led Zeppelin Week. The week that encapsulates the first and last Led Zeppelin tours I saw.

June 21, 1977 Forum

June 23, 1977 Forum

June 25, 1972 Forum

June 25, 1977 Forum

June 26, 1977 Forum

June 27, 1972 Long Beach Arena

June 27, 1977 Forum

R.I.P. Erik.


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On 6/19/2020 at 4:22 PM, walter's walker said:

Watching the 5/24 Earl's Court DVD from the Evolution Is Timing 3 DVD Box Set!!!

How does the quality compare to other releases such as In the Court Of King James (EVSD)?

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Miss hearing Walter's Walk once this tour started and not even a Crunge this night. They were in a rush to catch a train! Very nice audience tape, though.

This completes listening to every available show covering three years 10/10/69-10/10/72. Plus, all studio outtakes in their proper place in the timeline. What a trip!


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June 22, 1977 - Los Angeles -- My personal favourite '77 show.  You know it's a good one when the biggest mistake is Plant singing a verse out of order in the second half of an especially thunderous "Kashmir"...

- Close to, if not all-time best versions of IMTOD, OTHAFA, Noise Solo, Achilles

- Crushing opening 1-2-3 punch just like the previous night

- Great, raw SIBLY

- Longest NQ of all time at 34 minutes!

- Very good acoustic set -- Plant sounds great on GTC!

- One of the best '77 drum solos -- very thunderous

- Great and unique Stairway with Plant not singing some variation of "Does anybody remember laughter?" and Page skipping the extra bar on the 12-string and jumping straight into the (awesome) solo


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