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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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In honor of 34 years ago tonight, April 27, 1977 at Richfield, Coliseum, Richfield (Cleveland), Ohio, I am listening to Destroyer. Kashmir is playing right now!

Yeah, that's not a bad show at all. I enjoyed crankin' it up on the day. Missed the second night (Man that was a long day...since it stopped raining Thursday me and the crew said fuck it and finished the damn house in fourteen hours...plus breaks- I paint houses for a living) but it's raining again -ah, Spring in BC- soI'm listening to the Silverdome show at the moment (quietly :D it's still early), the recording is better than I remember it, for sure...the sound echoes all over. I know there are folks here who attended this concert...how was the sound? That place must have been huge...or must be; can't remember at the moment if it's still around or not.

"Hold it steady...hold it cool and steady..." Plant seems to have to do a bit of crowd control after NFBM..."Stand still.":P

Well, with 76,000+ people I'd imagine so!

IMTOD is not bad thus far. I'm not hearing any obvious whoopsies, and overall I reckon Zeppelin pretty much rose to the occasion on the night. If a fucking video -or even part of a video exists for the Pontiac show- it would be nice to see. The pro shot would kick Seattle's ass all over the place.

Hard to believe this was 34 years ago. I mean, I sort of remember April 30, 1977...woulda been in grade three :D

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I'm listening to the Feb. 16 1975, St. Louis show that I picked up at the last swap meet. It's Godfatherrecords "Rock Saint Louis Roll" and it's the soundboard that surfaced recently. To my ears, it sounds a little better than Empress Valley's "St. Louis Blues".

I'm halfway through Dazed and Confused right now, and performance-wise, it's an average Feb 75 show. Not as good as the New York/Nassau shows earlier, or even Baton Rouge.

Which is just further proof how full-of-crap that Stephen Davis "LZ 75" book is, for in it he praises the St. Louis show while saying the St. Valentine's Day show was boring. Ha! St. Valentine's smokes St. Louis in almost every way.

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At the hospital, waiting on blood test results...so I've got time to kill. Listening to "Rampaging Cajun", the soundboard from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana show from Feb. 28, 1975.

Excellent sound so far...one of the best of the 75 soundboards as far as balance, clarity and overall quality of sound. As far as performance, so far I think it's better than the St. Louis '75 show I checked out last week...maybe even better than any show from the first leg with the exception of St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

I'm on disc 2...a really good, bluesy No Quarter just ended...Trampled Underfoot now beginning.

As this is a Louisiana show, I'm picturing Deborah there rocking out...hmmm, let's see, it's 1975?...then I'm picturing her in a halter top and Ditto jeans. ;)

Wait...it's February, so better put a sweater over that halter top. :D

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On disc 3 now of Rampaging Cajun...Dazed & Confused just finished.

Which points up another reason why the second leg of 1975 was better than the first leg: they replaced "San Francisco" in D & C, with the far better, far moodier and spookier "Woodstock" interlude. Another thing about the 1975 Dazed's...the last 3 to 5 minutes of the song often has some of Jimmy's best soloing of the night.

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Thanks SuperDave! It's all good so far. What happened was last December they found a blood clot in my leg and I ended up spending Dec-Jan in the hospital.

After I was released, I still had to take Coumadin for my blood, and every two weeks I go back to the hospital for tests to make sure my blood's ok.

The initial prescription was that I would have to be on the coumadin for 6 to 8 months...which meant no alcohol or green leafy veggies(spinach, broccoli, green beans, asparagus) during that time.

Today the doc said I could stop taking the coumadin on June 10. Can't wait to have green veggies again!

Anyway, sorry...this is the what show are you listening to? thread...not what ails you? thread.

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Hope all continues to go well for you Strider and your recovery is complete shortly! :cheer:

Next time might be better to PM me. Not sure whether you wanted to broadcast this for everyone to see.

Oh, I'm past the point of caring what people think of me...especially people on the internet, where the chance of ever meeting is pretty small.

Besides, if I was worried about what other people thought, I never would have become a fan of Led Zeppelin in the first place. :D

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Just put on The Drag Queen of New Orleans...sbd from the May 14, 1973 New Orleans show...38 years ago tonight.

After reading your post about your concert..and thanks to a good friend on this forum, I just put this one on...ahh the memories!!! :toast:

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