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The Birthday Thread


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Deborah, you were my first friend on this Forum and you are still there for me all these years later. :friends:

Thank you and very Happy Birthday wishes to you on this Special Saturday! Enjoy your day on the lake. Many happy returns of the day.

For she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow...which nobody can deny.

Cheers! :toast:

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^^ he kinda grows on you, doesn't he?? ;-)

Like a fungus. ;)

Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to badgeholder and pottedplant today! Today is your CELEBRATION DAY! Rock it like a Rock Star! :elvis:


Hmmm, Deborah yesterday, Ledzepfvr, pottedplant and badgeholder today...I guess your parents had a Very Happy New Year's Eve indeed!

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What did you do on your birthday? Our very own ledzepfvr fought the good fight against breast cancer and strapped herself into a lean, mean, fast machine and made like Steve McQueen (or John Bonham) hauling ass down the track! Way to go birthday girl!!! :cheer:

Here she is next to her Hot Rod before the race.


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What a cool, great thing to do LedZepfvr!!! I hope you had fun flying around that track while supporting such a great cause. You go girl!!

I watched my beloved Who Dats skin the Bears. BBQ'ed for neighbors and friends and drank lots of Abita Springs beer. I must say that I am a little tipsy right about now. Surprised I can type.

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