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The Birthday Thread


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Let's get this one started again, too. If you're listed as your old screen name, please let me know! We want this to be accurate, right?

Also--please DO NOT quote this post to add your own birthday. I have this stored in a word document so it's quite easy for me to change and re-arrange. I figured with only one person editing the list, it's bound to be more accurate. :D

Let's get this one started again, too. If you're listed as your old screen name, please let me know! We want this to be accurate, right?


January 2—Rock Purgerica, Tristam, PixieDust1974

January 3, 1988—Ancel Gutierrez

January 4—Chicken, kaztor (slight return)

January 9—Rocktopus

January 11-page*puss/gilmour girl, martyp

January 12--Timetraveller

January 13—OttoMasson

January 14—the lemon song, Scratch

January 15—MonaKoza

January 18—Percy, Led Zeppelin Lover

January 24—Ishita, BUK, wendigo


1990—Horrorshow Plant

January 25, 1962--KennethDisraili

January 26—fenix

January 28, 1968—GioBrazil

Januar 29--KashmirDevi

January 30, 1988—Penny Lane


February 1—leddy, john bowes, maven2blue

February 3, 1981—Manderlyh

February 5—mattmc1973

February 6--Mr. Kite

February 9—Down By The Sea, Led Zeppelin

February 10—Rock Action

February 12—ZepRules, Smithy

February 13—Rockarolla, Dzldoc

February 14—blackdog

February 15—DazedNConfused

February 19—zeppforme

February 21—Babs

February 22-bozzz

Februrary 23-Sam.e138

February 26—Aquamarine, WW-BR

February 28—valleygirl


March 1—Tiina63

March 6, 1994--zoso13zeppelin

March 7—Mr. Pink

March 10—foran

March 12—andreberriere, ally

March 13, 1965—whyalla

March 16—KeepMeSatifisied

March 17—moondog

March 19—DaughterofZeppelin

1967—Jimmy Jam

March 22—Firekisses

March 23—GibsonGirl

March 25—irg82, Bonzo4880



March 27—fool intherain

March 31—dazedcat, Miar


April 1, 1965—Toma65

April 2—FilberFlan29, LedMan

April 4--1960--Bong-man


April 7—rachxOx

April 9, 1980--~Bonnie~

April 12—lolivialhalla

April 13—minelle

April 14—zack


April 19—Joelmon

April 30—Led Zeppelin


May 5—Henrick

May 6—obsessedwithzeppelin


May 9—LadyGoodman


May 11—TawnyPaul

May 16—DeepBlackZeppelin, Chef Zeppelin

May 17—lillian

May 20—Sledzep

May 22—Nathan

May 23—Chris

May 25—GetTheLedOut, Christophe

May 25--Boris the Spider

May 28—LedZep4Ever, texasrocker666

May 29—Lessien, toronto

May 30—Hermit

May 31, 1981--ZoSoDragon


June 1—VinTheSin, BONZO26

June 2—Muse

June 3—Cletus

June 6—mrkelp, Chris Holley

June 7, 1982—Electrophile

Dig Zoso

June 10—Steevie

June 14—In The Light

June 16—jpj4eva-jb-rip, tom kid

June 17--*evilJane*, Bonzomaniac

June 19—Evster2012, IGG, Sassyboo, Lisa

June 25—Laurie A. Kovar

June 27—TequilaMockingbird, mhotter74

June 28—Pilot of the Storm

June 29—Mooney1975


July 1—Kissandra

July 2—3hrsoflunacy

July 4—Lemon Squeezer

July 6—zepgirl

July 9, 1989—shiela, Luzia

July 10—zep4ever

July 12--BigBadZep

July 15—lzfan715

July 18, 1957—batsie, Del Zeppnile, What Ken Everbee?

July 19, 1966—Pug

July 23—jettajedi, Jimmy-Jimmy

July 24--HARPER

July 25, 1990—JimmyPageZoSo56, Store Rock

July 28—LukeTheDuke, Bohnam

July 30—Inga May, icantquityoubabe

July 31—Sunray782


August 1—eskimoblueday

August 2—zoso4vida

August 4--hotforplant

August 5--desirezep

August 10—wanna be drummer

August 12, 1994--Alice

August 13--swansea

August 14—Hotplant

August 15—vinnie

August 16—evening

August 17—GeoZeppelin

August 18—LEDZEP2

August 19, 1988—PuckSlappingMapleSucker

August 20—70sChild, Suze, Robert Plant (the real one)

August 25—Lady Helena

August 26—roblindblad

August 29—SunChild, 905


August 31—DayTripper, Bilbo the Rover


September 1—ledhead

September 2, 1989—obscured, Zepplinlover

September 5—Big Blues, freshmint

September 9—59LesPaul, Spatdrastik

September 13—Nobody's Fault But Hers

September 14—Magic Sam, LedZepChick

September 15—AllisonAdler, Blackdog1971, Tinkerbell

September 16—the lemon song

September 19—Aleister, Thorzep

September 21—Moonchild, pugwald

September 25—Richfeild77, Fool in the Rain, Zep77

September 26—rileymaher, Tea-4-One

September 27--Jim

September 28—jonesyluver13

September 30--Lady Raven


October 3—gazkey

October 4—Blue Soul

October 7—ledded1

October 9—The Kevster, redeyedrichard, zepperdude, ~Isis~

October 10—The Rover

October 13—leander

1989—Acid Domine

October 17—BrownSugar62, Spats

October 19--




October 20—Angel With A Broken Wing

October 21—Medhb

October 22—jj20030

October 23—pagefan1972

October 25—KEVIN

October 26—bonzo1026

October 27—boog

October 28—Katuschka, bluorangefyre

October 30—Pieter

October 31—




November 3—FourSticks

November 4—fireicepromo

November 7—pujol05

November 8—willchaf

November 9—a fan under 30

November 10—ledzeppelinrock, Rumpeller

November 11—Ilovejimmypage92

November 12—SteveTheLemonSaur

November 16—Kilnburner10


November 19—kimmicash, GregK51

November 23—FireOpal

November 24—zeppelinmad4

November 30—Lake of Shadows


December 2—The Phantom

December 3—TheZeppyWanderer

December 5, 1959—Planted In My Mind

December 8—Wolfie

December 9—flipkid, LeeMcC, the queen without a king, JayNettic

December 10, 1965--MOJO

December 12—Crablegs, Timboh56

December 13, 1986—DoubleNecker

December 15—Aspensound

December 18—Jaraxle56

December 20—Levee

December 24—bunloveszep, solar

December 26—Glasgowrocker55

December 28—Danilo

December 31—Kith Kannan, led by zeppelin, birdie

From this edit on, if you do not post your birthday in the thread, you will not be included. I used several different sources to compile this list other that posts--I used the .com calendar and the old forum's birthday list. I am not going to go through the calendar again, as my sanity will not be able to take it!! :P

(edited to add this little disclaimer on 11-26-07)

Edited by manderlyh
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Let's get this one started again, too.



Feburary 3, 1981--Manderlyh


March 6, 1994--zoso13zeppelin



May 25--Boris the Spider




August 13--swansea

August 14th--Hotplant

August 19, 1988--PuckSlappingMapleSucker


September 30--Lady Raven




:thanku: (edited to add: there's 2 "thanku" s -- I clicked on the one with the signpost and got this one instead ...)

Edited by swansea
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