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The Birthday Thread


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Paul, Chillum, Walt, EBK, Ally, Stargroves...I appreciate the birthday wish.

Thanks for taking the time to think of me and write. I've been out of it for a good while here. Doing some major rennovations to my house...But I thought I'd check in to say thanks...40 is a milestone birthday and I'm looking forward to it..From what I hear 40 is the new 20.....

Take Care

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Thanks for the birthday wishes! :) I spent the actual day with my son on a college visit; my daughter came home from college last weekend and we celebrated our birthdays together with family :) Having her home and really fussing over her was the best part! ;)

And a very Happy Birthday to Rock Historian too! :)

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Happy Birthday Walter! May it be suitably spooky and frightening...like the Dallas Cowboys pass defense! :D Rock on dude!!! :drinks:

And happy belated birthday to justawoman! :cheer::toast:

I hope you received something better than a purple umbrella and a fifty-cent hat for your special day!

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