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Where Are You?

Where are You?  

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Sono Italiana anche! But I've never lived there :(

Hey to all the Italian guys up here........I'm aussie but working in the Eternal City for the Sydney Uni......say, where do all you giuys live exactly??! :):)

Goooooooooooooooooooooo ragazzi! :)

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Romania, Europe. Bwhaha :) . I don't think my English is too good, but I'm doing my best.

Any other Zepp fans from Romania here?

We had 2 beautiful chix froM bUCAREST last year doing a stage in our Italian office!!! C'mon, I know you guys speak English pretty good. :)

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Seriously, I live about 3 miles from Merriweather Post Pavillion- the home of the famous fight between Pete and Jimmy over who raked in more money when Zeppelin opened for The Who May 25th 1969.


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I'm next to (well just about) Jimmy. No joke.

Okay, so did you go through his garbage cans yet? Is he vegan cheating- eating sausage or bacon bits? Are there crumbled up liner notes to a new Zep album? What's his bank account number?

You let the cat out of the bag, sir. The public wants to know these questions, and more!


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