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The Blue Oyster Cult thread

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So, having finally collected all of Led Zeppelin's studio albums (including "No Quarter" & "The BBC Sessions") on CD (had the full collection on cassette) I have moved on to Blue Oyster Cult. I have loved their "top 4" songs since i was a teen, but hadn't explored the group until last year at the age of 44. I cant believe I've missed so much with this group!

Have collected most of their studio albums, the last two I am waiting for on order is "Secret Treaties" & "Heaven Forbid." The "Heaven Forbid" CD is aparently out of print so even a used one from a collector is running $25 - $30!

My favorite albums?

#1. Imaginos

#2. Fire of Unknown Origin (Trivia: made to be the soundtrack to 1981's "Heavy Metal" movie!)

#3. Agents of Fortune/ Spectres

#4. Revolution By Night

One thing I really enjoy is the band's references to Lovecraft, Other-worldly subjects and related subjects. In addition to Wikipedia, I enjoy having this BOC reference site here: http://www.hotrails.co.uk/bocfaq/faq_04.htm

One interesting thing I've noticed is similarities in evolution between B.O.C. and Pink Floyd. If you listen to BOC's first two albums, they paralell early Sid Barett albums from Pink Floyd. After that both bands seem to evolve into their final form.

I caught the video of Donald Roeser on "That Metal Show" saying that there's a new BOC album in the works. This one will be a studio album of many of their hits in acoustic form. If you've heard the demo version of "Dont Fear The Reaper" on the bonus tracks on "Agents of Fortune", it should be like that. I'm looking fowrward to picking it up as soon as its released.

Anybody else a BOC fan?

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I am. I saw the original band back in 1980 on the infamous Black and Blue Tour.

Fire Of unknown Origin and Cultosaurus Erectus are my 2 favorites..

I think they really screwed up by firing drummer Albert Bouchard in 1981..

They were never quite the same after that.

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I used to be. Saw them live a bunch of times in the 70s, 80s and 90s and they were a great live band. I've seen them a few times in the 2000s and I can't stand them live anymore. They've changed personnel and I don't really like the newer guys. Don't like the sound. Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom are still excellent, but I'm really not happy with the new guys in the band. A few times recently we've left their portion of the show after about 10-15 minutes, say 2 or 3 songs. To me, they just don't have it anymore.

The newer guys really don't have much stage presence either. I'll tell you who I think is really missed in the band is the late great Allen Lanier. He was awesome in concert and he added a lot to the live shows.

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In terms of musical prowess BOC are a rarity. In my opinion their finest moments occur on their debut album BOC , Tyranny & Mutation , Secret Treaties, Agents of Fortune and the untouchable live set On your feet or on your knees. The pinnacle is Secret Treaties. Once you have listened to Me 262, Dominance & Submission and Flaming Telepaths off that album you will realise how superior BOC are in every respect to Led Zeppelin and any other band of a similar nature. In my opinion Donald Roeser is such an exceptional guitarist and the best. Sorry Zep fans but thats the undeniable truth.

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After all these years I still think their first album is their best.  Secret Treaties (third album) is a close second.  That first album includes Transmanicon MC, I'm on the Lamb, Last Days of May, Stairway to the Stars,  Before the Kiss a Redcap, and Cities on Flame.  They certainly came out firing on all cylinders.

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Heh, back in the day when I was in a band, we'd tell the crowd "And now a little Blue Oyster Cult for ya".  Everybody was expecting "Don't Fear the Reaper" or "Godzilla" and we'd crank out a blistering loud "Tattoo Vampire".  It was so fun to see the WTF looks on their faces, but by the start of the second verse they were all rockin' to it.  Happened at every show we did!

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Ugh.. Half a life time ago I was offered a free ticket to see BÖC, and at the time I knew it, and still nearly 2 years later I know that was the best damn concert I have ever seen!! (I've attended nearly enough concerts to count on 1 hand..). But before the gig I was well aware of Burning For You, I believe from Joe Dirt haha. I purchased a used BÖC like a decade ago, but just never got into them.. However, I have listened to Godzilla probably 500 times since this performance in this video.. Seeing them in a small venue that fits 250 people, and only like 50 people in the pit area, which I was the last person down there allowing me to rest my hells on the last step down there which allowed me to rise about 12" above everyone else making me nearly 7' tall giving me perfect visual of the entire band... It was a great night! 

Since then I was able to pick up a copy of their Spectres LP used for $4.. That's actually a Promo Copy


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40 minutes ago, reids said:

Godzilla (new lock-down version) 

Great version of a great track.  Glad to see them still going strong.  Thanks for posting !  Did you catch the snippet of "Heartbreaker" at 2:53?

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