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Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters - 2015 gigs/tour dates


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@ ledded: wonderful photos! How did you manage to take them? Have you had an official permission? As always, in the Lyon-concert cameras are forbidden, and concerning smartphones: I share the opinion that the quality, both sound and picture, are less more than nothing beside the fact that you and your neighbours can't enjoy the show. But with my camera, no flash, tele, display off ... sigh ...

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Thanks people for the compliments. I had a good spot at the front and i was able to have good visuals and I try not to hold my camera up in the air so most if not all of these were at my head height or lower at times with only me seeing the screen on my small camera. I'm not a professional photographer, I have a small Lumix camera no big camera with multiple lenses, it's nothing special but it can get good shots at times as you can see. I don't use a flash either. I have posted many Plant shots on here over the past few years.I try not to block anyones view behind me unlike many people who just hold up their phones and care not about anyone standing behind them. The ones who take tablets are even more annoying when they hold them up.

In the Uk there's usually little venues can do when people stand but at all seated shows it's different and cameras are discouraged but it can vary from venue to venue.

If I am taking a camera I just try to get the best pics I can, can't see the point of taking one if any old rubbish pic will do. Mind you I have to take a pair of reading glasses with me cos I can't tell if the photos are blurred if I don't wear them., you should see the ones I discard when I haven't worn glasses.

I just like to share the pics with fellow fans.

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From RP FB:

On September 12 & 13 at LOCKN' Festival, Robert's exclusive two-night engagement will feature two completely different sets. Robert has never done anything like this in his career, and it will undoubtedly make for some unique and historical moments.



Amazing poster. At first I thought Robert and the band were going to participate in the Joe Cocker tribute, but that's happening on the 11th.


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^^ I heard a commercial for that festival last week and immediately investigated, but since it looks like you have to buy a ticket for the entire 4 days, I'm out. And it's a bit farther from my house than I thought.

Too bad, because this looks fabulous!

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^^ I heard a commercial for that festival last week and immediately investigated, but since it looks like you have to buy a ticket for the entire 4 days, I'm out. And it's a bit farther from my house than I thought.

Too bad, because this looks fabulous!

It does! It's too bad they don't make different kinds of passes available like they do for TIFF. That's a different animal because the movies are shown several times throughout the festival, but the music festivals should consider at least a one, two, three or four day pass. They'd have to find a way to ensure people didn't cheat and stay longer, I guess, but others have said what you just have, which is that they'd rather pass than have to pony up for the whole thing. It's a shame that choice has to be made, because it involves a more complicated plan with work/travel/accommodation and higher budget than some can afford.

Before the Sweden show info, here are a couple of reviews of the Westonbirt Arboretum concert (10-7-2015):

Review: Robert Plant at Westonbirt

By Stroud Life Posted: July 14, 2015


IF anyone was disappointed with the performance of Robert Plant in the beautiful setting of Westonbirt Arboretum I don't know what they could have been expecting.

Kicking off with a Zeppelin classic The Wanton Song from the Physical Graffiti album, the audience were treated to a succession of great tunes, some unadulterated but others cleverly reworked using synthesisers and borrowing from world music.

After nearly 50 years performing and at the age of 66, Plant's voice shows no sign of letting him down. And, though he is undoubtedly one of the most iconic rock stars in the history of the genre, he does not seem to take himself too seriously.

He has an obvious love for what he does which comes through in both the music and the performance, which coupled with his willingness to experiment and explore different genres, are some of the reasons for his continued success.

Zeppelin fans (of which I guess there would have been one or two) would not have been disappointed.

Black Dog was a bit of a tease, unrecognisable at first with its sequenced introduction, then, curiously, using only half of the riff. There was plenty of crowd participation on this one, which also introduced the futuristic/traditional mix which would characterise the rest of the set.

He played Trampled Under Foot, also from Physical Graffiti with a funky breakdown in the middle and his voice sounding exactly as it does on the album, from 1975.

Then he performed a reworking of the blues classic Spoonful with a synthesiser start a heavy rocking middle and a world music finish it couldn't have been more eclectic.

I was personally delighted by the inclusion of the Rain Song , refreshingly performed in its pure form apart from the inclusion of a piano introduction.

Plant also paid homage to the roots of the music which made Led Zeppelin so successful, by performing versions of no place to go by Howling Wolf which morphed into the Zeppelin classic How Many More Times.

The set continued in a similar fashion; two verses of Dazed and Confused morphed into an Irish reel. The Lemon Song was also included – with the volume increasing satisfactorily – and we finished up with Muddy Waters' Woman you need love which lead nicely into the song it inspired – Whole Lotta Love, with the psychedelic middle section being replace with a world music style breakdown.

There were also more recent tunes like The Rainbow – with everyone seemingly playing percussion – and Little Maggie, using a very eclectic mix of banjo, synths and bowed instruments – ending up sounding quite a lot (for those who know) like Afro Celt Sound System.

The rain just managed to hold off long enough not to cause too many problems and we were sent home with a synthed up version of Rock n Roll. All in all a fantastic evening.

Andy Dunn


(no photo credit given...)

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Robert Plant wows the crowd at Westonbirt Arboretum with sensational performance


Photo: Eric Hobson

Brendan McFadden Tuesday 14 July 2015

THE picturesque setting of Westonbirt Arboretum acted as the perfect stage for the performance of rock legend Robert Plant on Friday.

Plant and his band the Sensational Space Shifters captivated the crowd, with a set that included some of the hits that defined him as an artist.

Plant, who was sporting a red satin shirt, gave us a hearty serving of Led Zeppelin hits such as Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love and Black Dog.

Some songs had been reworked but they were still recognisable and charming. So inevitably the crowd recited the lyrics.

And guitarist Justin Adams looked like he was on cloud 9 as he played famous Jimmy Page riffs.

But the floppy haired Plant did not just recite Zeppelin hits, he treated the crowd to a number tracks he picked up while travelling the USA.

He played a cover of Willie Dixon’s Spoonful, and Little Maggie, a bluegrass hit which also features on Plant’s latest album Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar.

Although Plant may not be the young man he was when Led Zeppelin burst onto the scene, his iconic screeching vocals have not deteriorated and he has the same stage presence.

Plant told the crowd at one point: “I’ve been through this place so many times.”

And I am just thankful that on this occasion he decided to drop by to give the crowd such a treat.


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Onwards to Sweden!
Set list from Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden (14-7-2015):

1. Trampled Underfoot

2. Turn It Up

3. Black Dog

4. Rainbow

5. Wanton Song

6. Spoonful

(Willie Dixon cover)

7. The Rain Song

8. How Many More Times

9. No Place to Go / Dazed and Confused

10. Little Maggie

11. The Lemon Song

12. Crawling King Snake

(Big Joe Williams cover)

13. I Just Want to Make Love to You / Whole Lotta Love / Mona

14. Rock and Roll
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Videos up so far from the Gröna Lund show in Sweden (14-7-2015):

"Trampled Underfoot"

"Turn It Up"

"Black Dog"

"Rainbow" (just looks like it's been taken down, but it's actually a working link :) )

"Wanton Song"

"The Rain Song"

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Hmm, I'm wondering just how radically different these two set lists can possibly be. Presuming the Space Shifters will be with Robert for both, maybe some special guest(s)? Given the previous set lists and this venue, people have a certain expectation. If the musicians break out a harp and/or sing Gregorian Chant or whatever, it may not go over well. I love both, but not sure how I'd feel about a whole set of it in this context. Then again, it's on fans to be open minded, too. I've heard people criticize the Plant/Krauss concerts, saying it was 'too country' and not enough 'rock', but if they listened to the CD, what in the world did they expect?! It's just if I go to a hockey game, and ice dancing begins, well, I appreciate it but I didn't come to watch goals being scored via interpretive dance. If you go to a Renaissance fair, you don't expect heavy metal. You may like both, but it's not what you're there for. That said, any time I've heard of some project being cooked up with Robert, and the details were sketchy, I thought, "Hmm, I don't know about this..." and it's invariably been a pleasant surprise. I hope that the fans at the Lockn' Festival feel the same way after both sets.

Now for some pictures of the Gröna Lund show (14-7-2015). Finally some photos of the whole band! (almost - poor Juldeh...):

post-7547-0-19693000-1437092784_thumb.jp post-7547-0-10722900-1437092794_thumb.jp post-7547-0-39453000-1437092807_thumb.jp

post-7547-0-50745600-1437092819_thumb.jp post-7547-0-11710700-1437092829_thumb.jp post-7547-0-19601900-1437092839_thumb.jp

Photos: Petter Hellman

You can see the rest of them here: http://www.rockfoto.net/artists/robert-plant-the-sensational-space-shifters/20150714/22400/photos/184388

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Hey! Four cool photos from Stockholm via Robert's FB:


Raarrwwrr! (shut up, I can't help it...)

11707770_995416350492875_287804449940931Three young lads at the front need a happy pill. Get your cue from the lady to your right, gents! (yellow Nokia Lumia 1020 phone... so long Nokia! What a shame it's gone)


(Meoowww...) Generations of happy fans. The guy on the bottom right of the photo looks like Robert's Doppelganger...

11754856_995416343826209_158002708833916Juldeh sighting!

Photos: Oli Powell


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I think those photographs are amazing. Do you know what struck me when I saw them. By far the majority of fans seems to have heeded Roberts desire for no cameras/phones; also seeing just how close the audience is made me realise how much guts it must take a singer/musician to walk out on stage. To be under that much close scrutiny is weird.

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What a perfect show last night at Pori Jazz Festival! :cheer:

It is been TEN YEARS since Robert last performed in Finland. That is a loooong time. Well anyway, I am so happy that he finally came back here. I was in the front row and that was just wonderful. I tried to take some pictures with my cell phone but I could not get any good ones. So I decided to enjoy the music instead of photographing.

Robert and The Sensational Space Shifters really rocked that place! The crowd went crazy when he walked to the stage. I loved every moment of the show. It was totally different than in 2013 when I saw him performing in London at the BluesFest. This time he played more Led Zeppelin songs. Of course those classic songs were fantastic (WLL, Rock and Roll, Dazed, Black Dog) but my favourites were Trampled Under Foot, The Wanton Song and The Lemon Song. You just do not hear those song that often live. I was wondering that is Robert playing those two songs from Physical Graffiti because it happens to be the 40th anniversary of that album? Maybe somebody has already mentioned about this. I find it great that those songs seems to be included in his setlist. There was basically one "acoustic" song which was The Rain Song - I was pinching myself because I was thinking "Wow is this really happening...?" That was such a magical moment.

So he was energetic and the band was amazing. It was also cool that he played three songs from the new album. Little Maggie worked very well! He chatted with the audience a little bit. He was asking the crowd something like that do you like bananas...oranges... or lemons :D and then they played The Lemon Song.

During the encore, some drunken man somehow got pass the security and tried to run near the stage but luckily he was stopped before he did anything stupid. Such a bummer that man had to go there because it kind of ruined the mood for a second.

But all in all, it was such great time last night and I wish that Robert would come here back again SOON :)

Here is the setlist.

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