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I just made one of these: mine was a bit stronger :lol:



Mixed Drinks


1 oz. (3 cl) Vodka

Salt and Pepper

Celery Salt

dash (5 ml) Worchestershire® sauce

dash (5 ml) Tabasco® Sauce

Clamato Juice


Rim tall glass with celery salt, fill with ice and ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick, straw, and lime.

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Currently I'm enjoying a bottle of Pinot Grigio and I will do my best not to break my wine glass this evening. :rolleyes:

My wife enjoy's the Pinot grigio.I'm more a red wine guy.You should try an aussie savignon blanc

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Really? B)

Yes really. During the day, all I drink is water. I think the only times I deviate from that are my birthday and New Year's Eve, but even then, I have maybe 1 or 2 cocktails. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I hardly touch the stuff. I don't drink pop/coffee/tea as caffeine reaks havoc on my health. I can't remember the last time I drank any kind of fruit juice. Maybe I'll buy some Sunny D when I'm at the store next week.

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