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Weekend plans?


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OK, so I'm bored at the moment and feel like being a prolific topic-starter. So bite me! :P

What are your plans for the weekend?

As for myself, I'm going to see my brother's band tonight and hang out with Mom. The rest of the weekend? Probably not much that's worth mentioning. I am going to (hopefully!) sleep undisturbed tonight until whenever the hell *I* decide to wake up tomorrow, do some cleaning... probably do some food prep on Sunday for my sister's New Year's gathering. That's about it, really.

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I am going to see a few movies because i still need to see a couple that are being nominated for Golden Globes and SAG awards and I might go to club with some buddies to hopefully meet some cool women. (not holding my breath on this part). That's pretty much all i will be doing this weekend.

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Tomorrow my wife and I are going for lunch at" Seasons in the Park".We have a gift certificate that expires at the end of the year.We are celebrating the closing of our condo sale. Finally. :cheer:

Plus I'll be drinking wine most of the weekend to prepare for new years.

Cheese fondue at our place.


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Just staying inside and be safe.Maybe say hello to some people.I met this guy online and he wants to get together and do something so

he lives close to me i am going to try and contact him again.maybe spend the night together.

Wow spend the night together after just meeting him? How long have you been talking to him online?

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I too hope she's not planning on fucking some guy she just met online. You have no clue who the person or what they may have. It's too much of a gamble.

My plans for today are as follows: Nothing. I don't have to work today, but it's going to be raining all day (thank God), so I'm staying in.

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