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Last spring I went on a 5 day backpacking trip down the Lost Coast in Humboldt County, California. Here are some photos I took.




This was a carved piece of wood we found in someones driftwood fort on the beach. We did leave it there. We also found a surfboard hidden in some bushes wrapped in a tarp along that same beach.

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Very cool Lost Coast shots JBird ! On my cruize along the PCH from S. Cali to Mt. St. Helens, WA I drove near that area. Hiked on either side but not the journey you did ! EXCELLENT !

Some of you may remember when I got to photo Tiger Woods a couple of years ago....


and Vijay Singh


Sergio Garcia


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Thought I'd post where I'm seeing John Fogarty tomorrow night. The old Ryman Auditorium contrasting with the 'Batman' building. I went strolling today in the late afternoon down on lower Broadway, Nashville.

I also included a few of Nashville's friends.....paintings along the way...





We took a couple of pics at the Ryman when we went to Nashville in Sept.

Got some good ones at BB Kings too.Had a ball there!!!

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I had one taken of me with my arm around Elvis...sorta like ZosoDragon's pic she posted.....:)

That little block with all the honky tonks is kinda fun. I played tourist this afternoon !!!! hehehee...fun !

Dang Rorer..you didn't have to quote all my pics again though...took me forever to open your post.....:lol:

Sorry Bro...Yeah,it was hard not to take one of my gal hanging on Elvis.I didn't mind playing tourist in that place!

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^ I won't tell her you said that ! :P

Does this one look a little more feminine ? not my picture


Yeah, a lil bit....maybe she should wear support hose....bulging veins.... :D

I'm sure they aren't as bad in person.......................................:bagoverhead:

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I've got a few blurry pictures of the Boise Train Depot. I should have brought my tripod, given it was dusk, but alas, I did not. :(

It's in the begining stages of a renovation--I wanted to get pictures of it. They moved a steam loco from a park to the depot last night.

I want to get married here--in the snow, or in the middle of the garden while it's in full bloom. Dave loves trains, I love gardens. Perfect symbol of a union between us.


The depot building..


The view looking North of the depot...downtown Boise and the Boise foothills in the background...Boise State is to the right of the road.


The tower that lights up, (there's a bell inside the tower).



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Our Christmas tree...(you can see the recycle bins to the right... :lol: )


The very little snow we had the other morning (I made Dave take a picture of it with the lights turned on because I knew it would be melted before noon).


The view of the Christmas lights from the street...


A beter shot of the lights and the Christmas tree inside.

BTW--if oyu look closely, you can see that the icicle lights are white and blue...they just look kind of purple from the street. :huh:

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Oh yeah, I've seen em there too. I think a couple of years ago… They're pretty cool… I have loads of photos of them somewhere :unsure: Don't know where though…

Get me some seed and I'll make it worth your while

But please excercise caution, these plants are protected!

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