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I took these this past summer and they were on the old board but they are worth posting again....



A steam locomotive in a town near where I live. You wouldn't belive how huge it is. The big wheels on the back are about as high as I am tall!

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Not strictly my own pic although I own this album cover and I am on it :D:rolleyes: This the gatefold to Queens Live Magic album, The pic is of the Knebworth crowd in 1986. If you look to the back of the helicopter at the pointy bit at the bottom of the tail I was sitting there all day !!


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An arrowhead I found in Colorado last year...


The area I lived and hiked, swam (in the creek below) and arrowhead hunted...


Let's see yours !!!

OMG!!!! That little gem is *speechless* BEAUTIFUL, UNBELIEVABLE, THE COOLEST!!!!

I've hunted up there (arrowheads, vegans) and *thinks* (I've hunted arrowheads, not vegans...) and I've never found anything so lovely.

The second one makes me homesick for Wyoming.

Edited to add afterthought:

Check this out -- Eccentric Flint at the Dallas Museum of Art (official museum picture resized below)


-- the picture does NOT begin to really show it, though. It's all pressure-flaked, and it's about 10" long by 4" high, probably less than an inch thick. There are three people in the canoe, faces have expression and fancy headdresses, and the waves underneath even have inside curves. You actually probably could saw somebody's head off with it.

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I've posted this one before, but I love it, so it's been deemed worthy of a second posting.

This is Upper Payette Lake, outside of McCall, Idaho. I was snowmobiling last winter and stopped to take an awesome shot. It was so cold that day that I actually scratched my thigh from hip to knee quite badly and didn't realize it when I was taking an outhouse stop. I didn't realize it until after we were back in our hotel, sitting in the hottub. It was -18 below that day...I can't believe my camera actually worked enough to take the picture!

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Here are the tails of the amazing USAF's Thunderbirds, preparing for take-off in June 2006 at Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah.

This was my first time at an air show, even though my significant other is in the Air Force, and obsessed with planes. (I'd seen them before, but I'd never actually been to one.)


And here are the Thunderbird Pilots in August 2006, when we were on vacation in St. Louis, MO. They flew in an Air Show a few days later at Scott Air Force Base, where Dave's ex-brother-in-law is stationed. Dave's niece and I met them and got their autographs. :)

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I don't like the cold, either. I thought I was going to die! We were going over 60 mph sometimes, and I couldn't feel my fingers most of the time we were out there. My best friend and I decided that we won't go if it's that cold--ever again!

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Tonight I was invited to participate in Sri Chakra Devi Puja at my Priest's house. It is Kartika Purnima tonight (full moon of the month of Kartika) ... and an auspicious time to perform this puja. Actually all Purnima nights are.

Shri Chakra is the same as the Sri Yantra ... and it is the embodiment of Sri Devi in her form as Maha Tripura Sundari ... a form of the Devi I have a particular love for.

It was wonderful.

The puja room:





Diya thali:


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Great photos everyone! :cheer:

A turtle that we found in our backyard last month


The view from my house exactly one month ago from today.

Which fire were you near??

I haven't uploaded any of my newer photos yet, so here's a few old ones I've posted.

Macro of an apple seed. :lol:


Beach Sunset


Little boy that I used to live across the street from


Squirrel I was bugging :lol:


Goat :hysterical:


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