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Led Zeppelin fan age


How many years gone?  

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Yeah..my group (37-43) grew up listening to Led Zeppelin. Soundtrack of our lives for most of us, especially my high school years. Old enough to remember the last few albums coming out.......old enough to go see Song Remains the Same at the midnight show every Friday night.......but maybe a little too young to go see them live. I think that's why there's a whole lot of people in our age group on here. We're the ones that caught the tail end of the height of Led Zeppelin, but probably we're the most frustrated since we want the oppty to see them live. I can remember sitting in Spanish class in high school when I heard about the death of John Bonham and realizing I'd probably never have the chance to see them live. I still have hope I may get the chance...since I always thought the midnight show was as close as I'd ever get.


It's sad, but you've said exactly what I feel. I'm 43 and would love to have had the chance to seen LZ. I was just too young.

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42 years old here, but with much older siblings I was lucky enough to be introduced to music by bands most kids my age wouldn't be. While my friends were listening to Journey and REO Speedwagon, I was listening to Zappa, Elvis Costello, The Clash, and of course Zep. I do remember 1980 very well, for me it was the worst year for music as far as I can remember, the accidental death of John Bonham and the murder of John Lennon. I don't remember exactly where I was when I found out about Bonzo, but I will always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard about JWL.

We did grow up in a funky time, the tail end of Zep, ~5 years old when The Beatles disbanded, Keith Moon, Hendrix, Janis, far too many died far too soon, and most by their own destructive ways.

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I'm going to be 18 in a couple months. I got into Zeppelin a couple years ago thanks to my dad mainly..... he had the remastered CD box set. What's even more awesome is that he still has all the old Led Zeppelin albums (as well as the Beatles and some 'Stones and various other groups) on vinyl and we have a thirty plus year old record player..... I love listening to Zepp on that thing.... I make that side of the house shake from the bass/drums :lol:

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It's sad, but you've said exactly what I feel. I'm 43 and would love to have had the chance to seen LZ. I was just too young.

same here....38, so I really got turned on to them pretty much right after JB passed and they were done. I remember one of my friends introduced me to "The Song Remains the Same".........and my life was changed forever

sadly after many years of listening to all the records, bootlegs, watching TSRTS a thousand times, seeing Jimmy with The Firm a few times" and solo once.....I sort of drifted away from Zep over the last 10 years or so, until all of this current buzz caused me to dig up the tunes again and start the obsession all over again

takes me back! in a good way

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no no. you were born in this era for a reason!

i was 13 in1986 the era of hair bands, which i loved, but nothing ever came close to my beloved zep. i dont know if i ever felt like i was born in the wrong era but i do remember a sadness knowing i would never see zepplin in concert.

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I'm 16, and no offense but I thought most of the members would be in their 40s or 50s, only because of how many years ago LZ were mainstream. I'm suprised that most of us are barely adults, but I suppose in the real world there are a lot more middle-aged LZ fans, and the younger ones who have time to be part of the forum.

Sure Zep was most popular in the 70s, but people have continually been turned on to their music ever since. I picked up on them in the mid-80s when my friend Tony played it in his car stereo during lunch. I loved the music, so I ended up buying all the titles - on vinyl at first, then CDs when I got my first CD player in 1988. I actually purchased my first "Led Zeppelin" CD in the bargain bin - a $9.99 "Super Saver" when most CDs were $15.

Led Zeppelin picked up many new fans when Page remastered much of the back catalog, and released the 4 disc box set in 1990. There was a resurgence of radio play. "Traveling Riverside Blues" surfaced and a video was made that was shown on MTV.

It is cool to see so many 16-23 year old fans on the poll results. Good to know young people appreciate good rock music!

Will - 36

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