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Is it me or has this Christiana Model (Christiana Lucci) gal's boobs got smaller as she got older?

Looking at the pics from a few years back her boobs look huge. This was before she did topless shots. The last couple of years she has 'gotten them out' (so to speak), and they don't look all that huge to me.

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The one pic has a date of 2006 on it. I believe i read this girl is about 18, so that would make her 15 or 16 in the pic. Just sayin...

You didn't read she was about 18...and she isn't nude so laws on it are entirely out the window.

Just sayin!

For clarification Christina Models age has been brought up several times lately.

Her face looks about 15 or 16. She looks like a schoolgirl to me.

If she is older than that she certainly doesn't look it..............big boobs or no big boobs.

*edit..just found out she is 24 now, although some of those pics were taken a few years back. She's still the most baby faced 20 something I have ever seen. :o

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Jimmy Page is one of the most baby faced people I've ever seen. Well lately his age has snuck up on him a bit like all of us.

And Tangerine.....models are models but you're our actual Led Head and we love you :air_kiss: you're sweet.

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