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Beautiful Women


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I took that picture at the Carlsberg Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. Just look at those babes. B)

Edit to add: I'm also pleased to announce the obvious - Paris Hilton is ugly as fuck, and the aesthetic of the retouched is no search for perfection, but quite simply bad taste.

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The women in those airbrushed photos are beautiful when they aren't airbrushed. Paris Hilton is hot looking In person. What i find hot and what other guys find hot does exist.

How do you know - I've seen photos of them before the airbrush as well as in person. Not even remotely the same.

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Because that's just how the magazine's are. They want them to look perfect. But they put women on their magazine who you see normally as beautiful and they still touch them up. They touch up Eva mendes and Angelina jolie and Charlize Theron. Women who don't need it.

She is not really dependant on his money anymore. Starting out she was. Now she earns her own money.

You don't find it disturbing that magazines feel these women have to look perfect and the message that sends?

Paris Hilton is famous a) because she's a Hilton and B) because she's a party girl. Any money she made on her own, believe me she's got people doing all the work for her. I find absolutely nothing redeeming about her character or her looks.

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