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Five Albums - on a deserted island


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Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties, cause it's the single most cohesive album ever made, i.e. the BEST.

Beatles - Abbey Road, cause it's the second most cohesive album ever made, i.e. second BEST

Led Zeppelin - IV, for the songs, man, the SONGS

Queen - Queen II, rewriting heavy rock history, adding ogres and fairies into heavy metal canon.

The Who - Who's Next and Gentle Giant - In a glass house, the former for its groundbreaking song writing, the latter for making impossible music listenable...and for displaying the most complex musicianship the world has ever seen!

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Led Zep - Physical Graffiti

Pink Floyd - Animals

Beatles - Abby Road

Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced

Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die

Tried to think of ones that have all good songs - there's many other albums that are generally good, but have a lame song or two...

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Anything with a shiny enough label so I could use both sides to catch the attention of any aircraft flying overhead.

Well played. Makes you wonder what album would be best suited as a floatation device.

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1. Unleashed In The East - Judas Priest

2. Ride The Lightning - Metallica

3. Led Zeppelin I or IV (I can't decide) - Led Zeppelin

4. Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

5. Pronouced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd - Lynyrd Skynyrd

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The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

To The Five Boroughs - Beastie Boys

Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis

Eden - Sarah Brightman

Daydream - Mariah Carey

A nice little representation of the vastness of my music collection

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