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Michael Jackson in hospital


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BBC Link

Michael Jackson 'in LA hospital'

Pop star Michael Jackson has been taken to a Los Angeles medical centre, US media say.

Local broadcaster KABC has said the 50-year-old singer was taken by ambulance to the UCLA Medical Center.

The Los Angeles Times has reported he was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home.

The paramedics performed CPR and took him to the medical centre, the newspaper says. No further details were available.

The star was due to begin a series of comeback concerts with an appearance at London's O2 arena on 13 July.

He has a history of health problems and has not completed a concert tour in 12 years.

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thestar.com staff

Pop superstar Michael Jackson is reportedly in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Jackson was given CPR by paramedics in the ambulance that responded to the medical emergency, website TMZ is reporting.

The ambulance responded after receiving a 911 call just after noon at Jackson's Holmby Hills home in L.A.

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, told an online new service that the family has been informed that the singing star was taken to hospital.

"I am in Las Vegas but, yes, people in Los Angeles called me and are with Michael and tell me he was taken to the hospital," Joe Jackson told E! News. "His mother is on her way to the hospital now to check in on him.

"I am not sure what's wrong. I am waiting to hear back from her."

The Los Angeles Times posted a note on its website saying that Jackson was not breathing when the L.A. Fire Department arrived.

Capt. Steve Ruda said paramedics responded to a call at Jackson's home around 12:26 p.m. He was not breathing when they arrived. The parademics performed CPR and took him to UCLA Medical Centre, Ruda told the Times.

CNN later reported that he was at Cedar-Sinai Medical Centre in L.A.

The news comes as Jackson was attempting a comeback after years of tabloid headlines, most notably his trial and acquittal on child molestation charges.

In May, the Times reported that Jackson was living in a Bel-Air mansion and rehearsing for a series of 50 sold-out shows in London's O2 Arena.

Jackson had won the backing of two billionaires to get the so-called "King of Pop" back on stage.

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Wow! I hope this isn't true, regardless of my feelings about the man's extra curricular interests.

So Farrah, now Micheal? It comes in threes they say.


I was going to say, David Carradine! [edit: Oh yeah, Moonmaid, Ed McMahon]

And dead? I don't trust TMZ as a source!

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Oh yeah, Ed McMahon! Well, if Michael is in fact gone, let's hope that's it for awhile. Pity that amazing people are born every minute, but we can't know about it until they achieve their greatness. You never get to see the great coming in when the great are going out. If you get my meaning.

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Brisbane Times:

Christine Kellett

June 26, 2009 - 7:47AM

Pop star Michael Jackson has died after suffering a heart attack, it has been reported.

Media reports have said the star, 50, was taken to hospital in Los Angeles after he was found not breathing in his Holmby Hills home earlier.

Celebrity website TMZ said 911 operators received an emergency call about 12.12pm local time (5.12am AEST).

"We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back," the website reported.

Jackson is believed to have gone into cardiac arrest and paramedics performed CPR on him en route to UCLA hospital.

The website quoted family members as saying the Thriller singer was in "really bad shape."

"We just got off the phone with Joe Jackson, Michael's dad, who says 'he is not doing well.'' the website had earlier reported.

Jackson was reportedly planning a comeback and was living in Los Angeles while rehearsing a series of 50 sold-out shows in London, the LATimes has reported.

Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics had rushed to the singer's $100,00-a-month rented home near Sunset Boulevard to find him not breathing, according to the newspaper.

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Oh man. :(

Two icons in one day... how weird.

"Who's Loving You" came on my iTunes yesterday and I was thinking how amazing he used to be, and how sad it is the way his life turned out.

edit-- but I won't believe he died until a reliable source says its true!

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I love Michael Jackson :wub: ....His dance/music has brought the world closer together....One of the most innovative artists of this century....For sure Film/Music Industries around the world will be shocked...I hope there will be a miracle...looking out for the very special Michael Jackson...His dance is incredible...brings so much joy to the world.... :(

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Oh, I also so hope it's not true! :(

His dance brought such joy to me too. His performance of Billy Jean, on the Motown 25 Years TV special--(the moonwalk), etc. is one of my favorite moments ever captured live on television.

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At this point of time/space no one really nose.

Still, the house where I lived has an attic plastered with I love MJ slogans due to the girl who used to live here.....I hope for her sake this ain't true, would completely break her heart.

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