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Your Top Five Songs


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I'm sure i've missed the cut off date but who could miss the opportuinity to post their top 5 Zep songs?

+1 :D

1. Over The Hills And Far Away

2. Dancing Days

3. Tangerine

4. The Battle of Evermore

5. Thank You

Too bad the list is only top 5, a lot of other songs should be added here (Rain Song, Kashmir, Communication Breakdown, Stairway to Heaven, Ramble On... damn! So many of them! :D). For now, I choose these 5 songs. ^^

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Not in order:

Ten years gone

Achilles Last Stand


The battle of evermore

Stairway to heaven

The Wanton Song

Nice to see Ten Years Gone on a list. Its a great and underated song. Love it. I was learning it on guitar recently. Another one of those with a different tuning. You need alot of money to play Zepp songs without having to keep change the tunings. Be nice to have fourn Les Pauls and two acoustics.

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1. In My Time Of Dying

2. Achilles Last Stand

3. The Rover

4. Stairway To Heaven

5. When The Levee Breaks

Adding just 3 more songs to the list (narrowing it down to 5 was way too tough!)

6. Trampled Under Foot

7. Nobody's Fault But Mine

8. Dazed And Confused

Boy! That was hard! Whew!! :blink:

Oh man! I completely forgot about "Ten Years Gone" :slapface: ...I love that song! :wub:

That makes the number of songs on my list 9! Whoops! Sorry but narrowing it down to 5 is an impossible task!

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I'm sure i've missed the cut off date but who could miss the opportuinity to post their top 5 Zep songs?

1. Babe im gonna leave you

2. No quater

3. D'yer mak'er

4. Tangarine

5. I cant'quit you baby

What a great topic!

You missed the first one, but I decided to make another list, so your vote will be counted. :D

I'll probably ask a mod to lock this thread after I make the list.

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I've posted my top five favourite Led Zeppelin songs, but it's not enough, so here is my top 30 :) #1 Kashmir. #2 Stairway To Heaven. #3 When The Levee Breakes. #4 Whole Lotta Love. #5 Since I've Been Loving You. #6 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. #7 Immigrant Song. #8 Rain Song. #9 White Summer/Black Mountain Side. #10 Tangerine. #11 In My Time Of Dying. #12 Communication Breakdown. #13 No Quarter. #14 Bring It On Home. #15 Going To California. #16 Dazed And Confused. #17 The Battle Of Evermore. #18 Bron Y Aur Stomp. #19 Ten Years Gone. #20 How Many More Times. #21 What Is And What Should Never Be. #22 All Of My Love. #23 In The Evening. #24 Rock And Roll. #25 Four Sticks. #26 Ramble On. #27 Ocean. #28 Misty Mountain Hop. #29 Houses Of The Holy. #30 Travelling Riverside Blues. For me, every Led Zeppelin song is a number one :)

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Hey all, I think a couple of month's ago there is a post to go to top ten..not 5 as the votes for 5 is done...new list for top 10 has started. So here's mine: ;)

1. Kashmir

2. Stairway to Heaven

3. No Quarter

4. Bring it on Home

5. I Can't Quit You Baby

6. Dazed and Confused

7. Goin to California

8. What is and What Should Never Be

9. Since I've Been Loving You

10. Thank You

Honorable mention...Achille's Last Stand, and the rest. :);)

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These are personal preference, not like, the songs that I think should be rated highest:

1) In the Light

2) The Song Remains the Same

3) Stairway to Heaven

4) Since I've Been Loving You

5) Going to California

and if we're doing top 10...

6) In My Time of Dying

7) The Ocean

8) How Many More Times

9) Dazed and Confused

10) Achilles Last Stand

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1. Stairway To Heaven

2. Ramble On

3. Whole Lotta Love

4. Good Times Bad Times

5. Celebration Day

I know I've got Stairway and Whole Lotta Love in but I couldn't ignore them just because they are so popular. I mean Whole Lotta Love is so incredible its got an almost Beatles-like catchy chorus and straight to the stomach lyrics and one of the greatest riffs ever plsu the amazing freak-out bit in the middle. I don't know what anybody else can ask for in a song.

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  • 8 months later...

I can't find the other thread with the top 15, so I was looking at this one. My experience is more with the early LPs; not too familiar with the later ones. So officially my faves are

1. How Many More Times

2. Dazed and Confused

3. Babe I'm gonna Leave you

4. Stairway to Heaven

5. Ramble On

Among the later ones I didn't know, these so far appeal to me

Going to California (actually an earlier one that I remember)

Achilles Last Stand

The Rover

10 Years Gone

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Sorry...I refuse to answer this EVIL question. I have a hard enough time coming up with my Top 5 Zeppelin albums and you want me to distill their entire catalog to 5 songs...are you trying to make me nuts? :wacko:

A Top 15 or 20 I could do...and maybe even a Top 10...but Top 5? No way, Jose.

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1. Since I've Been Loving You

2. That's the Way

3. In the Light

4.In my Time of Dying

5.Over the Hills and Far Away/ Traveling Riverside Blues (Cant choose, top 5 was hard enough, and will probably change within a few hours.)

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