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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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New York City ~ June 7, 1977. 

Well decided to listen to Achilles Last Stand from this show and was blown away by it!! Decided to listen to the rest of the show, then start it over and am up to Nobody's Fault But Mine now. Did the same thing with Southampton 1973 the other night too haha. First time I have ever listened to this full show though, but likely won't listen after Kashmir as I've listened to everything after that's enjoyable lol well both the drum solo and guitar solo can be enjoyable under 10 minutes... This is sounding like a pretty great show for the most part anyway, I've listened to Since I've Been Loving You, Ten Years Gone, and Kashmir before but not for possibly a year! 

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"Four Rovers in Landover" Cap Center 1977-05-30.

"Ten Years Gone" at the moment.


There is something wrong with TSRTS... I think I'll try reconverting it... because the sound quality improves drastically as soon as Sick Again starts.

Haven't had this on in ages. Pretty much all killer so far.


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5 hours ago, rm2551 said:

A RAH Live release. Entire thing. My new #1 wet dream.

Unfortunately, we won't get that, not without bringing in material from other concerts. Jonesy's Organ feed didn't record for 'SIBLY' and 'Thank You'.

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