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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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I found a cheap and easy way to matrix a show. Play the soundboard on YouTube and try to sync up the audience source while it plays on Windows Media Player! :D

Trying this with 1977/05/25.

<edit> cheap, easy, and terrible.

Now I'm trying it to White Summer/Black Mountain Side - Kashmir 1977/05/30, to much better results.

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just fell in love all over again

Osaka 9/29/71

went to California and I need a mandolin really bad right now

I never fall out of love with 9.29 Osaka. :wub:

Thank You from South Hampton, I love those mellotron flutes!

The good citizens would like to remind you it is Southampton, with one 'h', thank you very much.

Currently listening to January 25, 1973 Aberdeen, which I just discovered was mislabeled on the TDOLZ "A15" boot I have. They listed it as being March 11, 1973 Rotterdam.

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