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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Since I've Been Loving You 8.4.79, I know Knebworth gets slagged a lot, but I really like this rendition of the song, I would even go as far as saying this is in my top ten of SIBLY performances. Maybe it's just me.

The first Knebworth show is great to me. It's the second one that I think is poo. (At least once Trampled Under Foot starts.) The SIBLY from 08/04 is really good, I agree.

To keep on topic, ALS 1977/06/07

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Dazed, Vienna, 3/16/73. Insane 10 minute outro. Wowza is all i can say. The tension is so high - will this ever end??? Just keeps going at the most frenetic pace. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

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The Rover/Sick Again 1977/05/21 (Bertha Remaster) Getting reaccquainted with this show after spending a loooong time away, and for the most part, it doesn't dissapoint.

UPDATE: Achilles' Last Stand 1977/06/07. Man, wtf was going on with the PA system that night?

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Led Zeppelin Live At Knebworth Festival - 1979.08.11(Full Concert)

01.The Song Remains the Same

02.Celebration Day

03.Black Dog

04.Nobody's Fault but Mine

05.Over the Hills and Far Away

06.Misty Mountain Hop

07.Since I've Been Loving You

08.No Quarter

09.Hot Dog

11.White Summer/Black Mountain Side


13.Trampled Under Foot

14.Sick Again

15.Achilles Last Stand"

16.Guitar Solo

17.In the Evening

18.Stairway to Heaven

19.Rock and Roll

20.Whole Lotta Love

21.Communication Breakdown

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