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How old are these Led Zep fans?

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39. I was born 2 days after the first Zepp rehersal! My big dream would be to celebrate my 40th with a concert. But rather a small laid back thing not a full stadium!

Anyone here who used to roam FBO? I have no time for many forums these days, but give me a holler if you remember me! :wave:

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well im 21 soon to be 22 and i have been listening to Led Zeppelin since I was 12.

than as a gift to myself after i graguated from high school I got Led Zeppelin's symbols tattood on my left forearm outline in black and colored in wityh a dark green.... done by Hurley at studio 3 tattoo in suncook,NH,USA

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I was born in 1966, and have been a fan since 1967....like thier sound so much I married a English women and everytime I visit England (4 times a year, a inlaw thing..!) I raise a pint to the "greatest rock band that ever lived"....thats all I need to say on this website......unregister me...

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I was born in 1966, and have been a fan since 1967....

Now that is impressive! A one year old Led Zeppelin fan before they even existed? :D

I take it you meant 1976? :)

I'm 36, got into Led Zeppelin in late '83/early '84 when I was 12.

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54 and counting... Jeez, I'm one of the old ones! It's great to see so many young people still appreciate true classic hard rock! Led Zeppelin is as good as it gets! I saw them 2 nights in a row at Earl's Court in London in 1975. My wife & I were lucky enough to score tickets to the upcoming reunion. I am thrilled! We'll be travelling from Corpus Christi, Texas.

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