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How old are these Led Zep fans?

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I thought it would be nice to start a thread where everyone gives their

age, so we could see what the range is for us Zep fans.

I'm an old geezer at 54 years old. I saw my one and only Led Zeppelin concert when I

was 20 years old in 1973.

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40yrs young. They came to Houston, TX when I was about 11 or 12. The line for tickets started 3 days before they went on sale at the Summit. It was a 3 day party that I wish I could have stayed at. The night of the show, there were so many people without tickets. They were pressing against the large glass panels of the Summit and broke some of them.

My 17yr old loves them to. God I hope they tour the States.

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45 years old. I remeber my older brother brining home LZ II when I was 7. I spent all afternoon looking at the front and middle of the record jacket. I became a fan at an early age I guess. I thanked my brother years later with ticket to see Page and Plant in 98. Saw them in 95 and Jimmy with the firm in the mid 80's. Had a ticket and ride to see LZ in 77 but the fates intervened. still got the entire catalog up to Coda on vinyl. Jim

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Hey gang. BUK here. 52. been a Zep fan since 8th grade. Actually, a Pagey fan since before I knew of him (Donovan and the Kinks). Saw Zep in 75, 77 and Pagey at the ARMS in MSG.

Great new look on the forum and the website.

Fascinated with the Zep obsession, especially with those that were born before their demise.

Great to see you all.

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