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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

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Never tried Ox liver, is it a strong flavour ?

No not really. My friend is a farmer and butcher and he turned me on to it. Sliced thinly you only need to fry it for a few mins and serve with onion gravy and mash. I don't think it's a strong as pigs liver and to be honest it has been a while since I had lambs. He famously joked that he preferred it to filet steak!!

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^^ You don't eat them yourself? They're too good to waste on the birds. B)

I think those you have are the best sunflower seeds available and I have had them before - I love seeds and nuts. But yes I buy 1Kg for £2 and the small birds go "nuts" for them - if you pardon the pun ;)

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No not really. My friend is a farmer and butcher and he turned me on to it. Sliced thinly you only need to fry it for a few mins and serve with onion gravy and mash. I don't think it's a strong as pigs liver and to be honest it has been a while since I had lambs. He famously joked that he preferred it to filet steak!!

Thanks cp I will look out for it and give it a try...

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Uncanny...yes, it was a Gressingham crown! Tesco doesn't seem to have its own range of duck products for some reason.

Yes I like Chinese-style crispy duck too, but I'm not a big fan of Thai food - always seems like rabbit fod to me, lol - so I don't think I'd waste my duck in that muck. Although I'd be interested to know what recipe you had in mind?

Your onion & pepper sauce sounds nice, I might try that.

Thanks for your welcome, too! What a friendly place this is!

Very friendly it is as there are many foodies. Talking of Thai, there was a member who is banned - good mate he was. Has a Thai wife - he loved his Thai food, as do I as a matter of fact. Thai food can be an acquired taste but Rabbit food - no way.

Let me know if i can help with a recipe or two?


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Haha, Thai wife eh? If she's anything like my friend's Thai wife, he was probably only pretending to like her food, to avoid being slugged round the back of the head with a heavy wok!

I've tried quite a variety of Thai food, but I think it's overrated. But I wouldn't mind trying a Thai wife, lol...well, maybe not a wife...I heard they're fine while they're just a 'girlfriend experience'...but once they get their feet under the desk, they usually turn into a fucking living nightmare, lol.

If you post a recipe of your favourite Thai meal, I'll give it a try. Promise!

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Ah it's Friday - bliss. had an excellent round in beautiful weather and there's nothing for it, but tonight is Spag Bol night. :cheer: Now there are many ways to cook the Italian stallion,so I would like to ask our Bon Viveurs how do you do yours? Do you actually cook it from scratch? Cheat maybe with a jar of ahem "sauce", a veggie version maybe. But however the Italians do it or us foodies, here is how I do mine. It is taken from an old book which has gone by the wayside but I have done it so often I can do it blindfolded. So I will guess the weights from memory.

I use a Crueset but any deep pan or frying pan with a lid will do.

Holy trinity of an 1 Onion, 2oz Carrot and 2 oz Celery. Well chopped and sauted in a good glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Knob of butter.

Add 3/4 lb of very lean mince beef (or steak). Stir well and fry to colour **

Add about 4 fl oz of milk . This tenderises the meat. Boil until the milk has almost evapourated

Add about 10 fl oz of white wine, a large tin of chopped tomatoes, a few well chopped sun dried toms, some chopped fresh or dried Thyme,Oregano and a couple of bay leaves. Finally a good squirt of Tomato ketchup and a pinch of sugar. salt and Pepper to taste. Don't over do the salt as this can be adjusted nearer to serving.

Cook very slowly for at least 3 to 4 hours

** 2 oz of chorizo or smoked strealy bacon can be added at this stage

Serve with Linguine or Spag or any pasta of your choice - but never, like a friend of mine who hates pasta, spuds :o

Topped with Parmesan or Grana Padano cheese which is a little sweeter

A good robust wine like an Aussie Shiraz or Sicilian red would be a perfect accompaniment or some tall glasses of water for Charles ;)

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Nicely done, chillumpuffer. The majority of the time, I do it the from-scratch-slowly-cook-all-day method. But when pressed for time, I'll cheat and use a ready-made sauce. Actually, if I'm pressed for time, I often forego the sauce and just grate a little cheese and garlic over the pasta...add a little butter or olive oil.

Just finished breakfast all the way over here on the Pacific Coast of the U.S. One of my favourite places to go in L.A. is the Le Figaro Café and Bistro on Vermont Ave. in Los Feliz section of Hollywood. It's open early and it's open late...perfect for a pre-show apéritif or post-show nosh. The sidewalk seating is great for people-watching. It's so French it almost makes me want to take up smoking again so I can sit there smoking Gitanes and fake reading Flaubert or Sartre.

I start with a cafe au lait and complimentary basket of sliced fresh bread with butter and strawberry marmalade. One slice each of whole wheat, rosemary-olive, rye, cranberry, sourdough, and cinnamon-raison. Just as good as eating the bread with the marmalade is dunking it in the cafe au lait.

Then breakfast arrives...perfectly poached eggs atop asparagus spears and tomatoes, topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Served with buttery roasted potatoes and mixed salad greens. I love eggs just about any old way, but a perfectly poached egg is like having a bite of sunshine.

Of course, any visit to Le Figaro requires a stop at their wonderful bakery...so much to choose from...I finally decide to top my meal off with a Lavender macaron(not macaroon).






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Went to Del Frisco's tonight before the show. Had a caesar salad (with anchovies!), then had grilled cheese with tomato bisque. It was lovely! There also may have been wine... :) My husband had the scallops and crabcake special, then lemon cake for dessert. Had a taste of the cake and it was divine.

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For dinner - 2 tall glass of green drink (kiwi and pear), stir fry veggies, oven baked home cooked fries with Prince Edward Island spuds, and some trout. For breakfast a bowl of raspberries and few glasses of water. For lunch, I was a 10 year old all over again enjoying my peanut butter, blueberry jam sandwich while taking a break from riding.

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A mixed bag this weekend:

Saturday pan fried Chicken breast filet, small roast spuds, green beans. I did a cream Tarragon sauce to go with it. Some tall glasses of wine. Excellent

Sunday Lamb shanks in a chilli marinade, pot roasted with veggies. It was OK but the lamb was a little short of flavour.

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