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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?


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Cheese on salmon? :o What sort of cheese did you use?

I had 3 bars of cheese in the fridge and decided to shred and mix together. Cheddar, Swiss, and mozza. I place it on the salmon approx 5 minutes before I removed from grill. The salmon itself I cooked on the top rack of the grill so as not to dry out or burn

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I just finished a white nectarine! It was slurpy and delicious!

Nectarines are divine. But I still prefer peaches...I like the fuzz.

Netherlands = Holland = Hollandaise sauce = Spinach Florentine Benedict.


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I just went to a local truck stop. They sell all kinds of snacks including some great beef jerky! They let me try a cherry maple jerky. It was tasty but too sweet and too soft. I like a good jerk! Peppered beef jerky, that's what I bought and that's what I'm eating!

They also have a large range homestyle sauces, pie fillings and salsas. They had a salsa called habanero salsa. I didn't know what habanero was but I just looked it up. They say its pretty spicy! It looked good. I'll have to try that next time. :)

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Beans on garlic toast. Don't take this wrong way, but that donut bacon thing sounds very American

You bet it's American! Natch! :lol: Not taken the wrong way at all, Charles. I proudly ate every bite.

P.S. That beans on toast thing sounds veddy British. ;)

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