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What Are You Doing Today?

Charles J. White

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I'm going to buy a new ski box since my old one was crushed. Planning a ski trip to the Cape Breton Highlands on the Cabot Trail for January. After that I'm in the process of completing plans for a one week ski trip to New Hampshire/Maine in March. If anyone on the forums skis/snowboards or would like to learn how to ski/snowboard you are welcome to join me on the New Hampshire/Maine trip.

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Today is cancellation day. Man called our Friday game of golf off due to his Mothers boiler breaking, friends cancelled dinner tonight due to child having Chicken Pox and Mrs CP's final interviewee cancelling her Job interview. I was going to cancel the cleaning but I'd get my but smacked by Mrs CP for being lazy. So it's the bathroom with the gear.

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No shit...golfing in the UK in November? I didn't think that was possible.

Why surprised man? It's been a very dry and sunny weekend. In fact the course was in good nick today. OK a bit wet in places but perfectly playable. We do not get really harsh weather here, contrary to popular belief. Winter golf can be great, course to your self sometimes. Our club has spent a lot of money on drainage and it only closes when there's snow (obviously) and if there is a hard frost which can damage the greens. Thoroughly enjoyed our round today and it sets up the evening perfectly

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