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My Old Room Full Of Original Led Zeppelin Posters!

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As i'm back home for the holidays I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I pulled out the old family photo albums from the mid to late 80's. I wanted to share with some friends and have a good laugh.

I came across these great photos of my old room back in Huntington, Long Island. Even back then I was the biggest Led Zeppelin fan. I still am. My whole room was a shrine full of Led Zeppelin head shop posters, Swan Song promotional items, pictures torn from Creem & Hit Parader magazine and original tour memorabilia from 1975 & 1977. Anything Zeppelin related I could get my hands on. Not a shabby collection considering this was the age before the internet. My friends and I would hang out in that room and listen to Led Zeppelin records, cassettes and hard to get bootlegs (sorry Peter Grant) on the stereo, play guitar (trying to figure out the Rain Song and Ten Years Gone), drink beers and have a great time. I just checked the closet. My Mom saved all of these items that adorned those walls so many years ago.

Led Zeppelin RULES!










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Wow, very cool Sprinz77! Thanks for sharing, seeing those old pics put a big smile on my face! What a great time to have grown up! I feel so blessed to have been young in the 70's. Your Mom's an angel for saving all of that memorabilia for you. Give her a big hug! :-)

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