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Movies You Never Get Tired of Watching

The Rover

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I've seen The Shawshank Redemption a thousand times on TBS, USA, AMC, HBO, TNT, A&E, Encore, and on Spike and if i just happen to see a single frame of it i usally watch it. I missed super bowls because of it. Said no to sex because of it. The best part is i have it on VHS,DVD,Laptop,and IPOD and i will sit and watch the commercials when its on cable! Saving Pvt Ryan and the Band of Brothers series are others movies i have to finish watching. Even if i have to go to work, i usually record it on tivo and watch it later!

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I suck at these threads because I'm a notorious movie re-watcher... person...

There are so many that, no matter what point in the movie I run across it, I will stop and watch the rest, waiting for certain scenes, lines, etc.

Most Will Smith stuff: MIB, MIB II, I Robot, Independence Day, Enemy of the State

ALL Terminator movies are mandatory with me and my sons (9 & 13), although T2 is recognized as the best.

Pulp Fiction




School of Rock

Pet Detective (Both of them)

Most Ben Stiller stuff: Something About Mary, Dodgeball, Mystery Men, Along Came Polly

Many Denzell movies: Manchurian Candidate, Training Day, Deja Vu

Most of the Pixar/Disneys: Toy Story 1 & 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Cars

Having the Starz/Encore package doesn't help

I should prolly stop now,,, :lolo:

Edit to add: Most of the aforementioned - especially the comedies (Anchorman and the Pet Detectives in particular) are constantly quoted by me and my sons - my wife just rolls her eyes... :lolo:

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