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Shoe thrown at Bush !

Devil's Haircut

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Hi all,

Say what thee will,but given the chance old G,would have kicked this guy's a**! :D


Well, considering them Sand Nig...ra's wear 'em all the time, what the heck was he doing with a shoe ?

Practicing for the Yankees I guess. :lol:


Ole George didn't get to take a base, he played dodge-shoe pretty good !

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If you'll notice, the first shoe just hit the wall, the second hit the American Flag.

Gotta admit, since he missed Bush, at least he hit a target he seems to abhore.

I think Bush enjoyed it, he used to own the Texas Rangers baseball team and this is is way of playing ball. :lol:

Bush planted that fucker there geeeeeez. He didn't throw it at him and if you were gonna get arrested for assaulting shrub would you toss a shoe at him?


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Kinna looks like the dude next to Bush whacks him on the back of the head on that second throw !! :lol:

If that had been in the US the thrower would've been pounced on quicker and with more overwhelming force than shown here.

What a way to go out..of the presidency. Two balls, no strikes and he's still at the plate.

Who'll be the relief pitcher ? He's got just over a month to go.

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bush stole his two terms. he wasn't elected by the people.

he deserves a workboot in the face! (still attached to my foot!)

i don't think he stole it...i would of favored him more than kerry. I believe he earned it. also keep in mind, he doesn't have any sons. unless...his daughters choose to take the path. Where no one go's, that is. B)

what you guys don't understand is that business had to be delt with. AKA Saddam.

just check this out and watch how he programed his people. Saddam of course. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/361591/sadam_hosen_b3ezo/

reminds me a bit like Hitler

now look what we got


quick reflexes and a bunch of nodding heads. United we stand people!!!

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