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  2. Sorta. Beating Washington 9-0 doesn’t mean much, but they do look balanced!
  3. 49ers may be for real this year!(?)
  4. It's going to be an epic battle for the NFC West title this year.
  5. That is amazing that you have the press clippings
  6. There's at least one other than I can think of, taken in Switzerland. Outstanding! I note one of the pupils is Ian Corrance, possibly related to Dougie Corrance, the photographer.
  7. This is great P! So happy you're taking care of yourself - you're a wonderful person!! All the best going forward.
  8. Mad Max, The Orchid, and Corbin (I have no idea if he has a nickname - I didn't even know he existed until August when I went to my one Nats game this season and got his bobblehead) aren't chopped liver! Cole and JV are really good, but so are the Nats guys. So there! I think it will be a fun series - even without the "Damn Yankees" angle. We can all still sing the songs if we want!!
  9. L.A. Rams Buffalo Cincinnati Detroit Green Bay Indianapolis Arizona San Francisco SD Chargers Chicago Seattle Philadelphia New England
  10. Junior: La Lambs Buffalo Sacksonville Detroit Green Bay Indy NY Giants San Fran SD Chargers Chicago Baltimore Dallas New England
  11. Plus, the other dudes in the picture look more early 70's than late 70's. Didn't Page have a beard for the first couple of AUS shows?
  12. I have some press on this - late December 71....
  13. Please change my pick from NE to the Jets. I will pm Strider. Its Sunday morning and the game is Monday night.
  14. What a joke Tottenham with a draw vs Watford.
  15. Only 4 votes... gonna leave this one up for another day.
  16. Well i would like to see them win also which means they are doomed. They have to beat Cole and Verlander. Good luck with that. And you know Cole is ready for game one and well rested. Its going to be a bitch. The Nats matched up great vs the Yankees. But not Houston. It will be a minor miracle if they can pull this off. And just think, they lost Harper at the seasons start!!!!
  17. Is that the only known pic of Barrington Coleby? I recall a thread on here where someone turned up a street exhibition of his artwork in Switzerland, but I don't recall a photo of the man.
  18. Strider


    GO RED! Kick Man U's arse!
  19. I am not ashamed to admit this, as bettering one's mental health is critical. I have officially begun "email therapy" and I have never felt this liberated in years! I searched high and low for months by looking at ratings assigned by other people who are availing of this service, studying confidentiality agreements, etc. So many undercurrents and sensitive issues from the past that I was so scared to talk about for fear of being judged and ridiculed are now being addressed in an unbiased way! I usually devote at least 1 to 2 hours a week to this.
  20. Thank you for the comments. I'm not the photographer. Douglas Corrance is. The photo looks very similar to one in Page's book when he arrived clean shaven in Australia which is dated 1972. It is great to see a photo of Barrington Coleby whose art work has to have been viewed by millions of people yet he remains quite anonymous. Thanks Eamonn
  21. The Jerk: 'Damn these glasses, son.' Analyze This: 'Thank God for Prozac.
  22. My picks. Rams Bills Bengals Vikes Packers Colts Cards 49ers Titans Saints Ravens Cowboys Pats
  23. Lambs...Goff not so hot without a running game. Buffalo...Bills finally a serious playoff contender? Jacksonville...the goddamn Bungles kill me every time I pick 'em. Minnesota...how will the refs screw Detroit this week? I swear the Ford Family must have done something to piss off the football gods. They are truly cursed with the worst luck and the worst calls. Green Bay Indianapolis Arizona San Francisco Tennessee New Orleans Seattle...Earl Thomas returns to Seattle for revenge. Philadelphia...another week where Jerry's boy Garrett gets outcoached? New England...now, if Darnold beats the Patriots I might pay attention.
  24. There goes our chance for a "Damn Yankees" storyline. Oh well, congratulations to Houston for knocking off the Yankees. Now that it's Houston vs. Washington in the WS, I gotta go with the National League team. Go Nats!
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